Sunday, August 31, 2008

There's BEDHEAD and then there's.....

Brooke in the morning! Wow, she woke up yesterday and I just had to grab my camera because I hadn't seen anything like this before. It was as if something came in her room at night and created a forest on the back of her head.

In my family, we laugh because we say that all of us "Carter girls" wake up in the morning looking r-o-u-g-h! Well, true to form, our daughter has joined the ranks...Brooke you are a genuine Carter girl!

Darcy and I laugh because when Brayden sleeps, he looks so angelic. We tuck him into his covers and kiss his cheek and he lays asleep in peace. Then...we enter Brooke's room and she is always sprawled out all over her bed (often on her back with both arms above her head-like her mommy sleeps) and never with any covers...the moment we cover her up, she kicks them back off. We kiss her gently and she will abruptly toss and turn and act as if we are interrupting and annoying her to no end.

And in the morning, Brayden wakes up and is my little cuddlebug. He nestles into me and wants to snuggle. I love these moments with him. And when Brooke wakes up, she storms right past me and wants nothing to do with me. No hugs, no good morning kisses...Oh, I get them from her, but I always have to ask. She is more interested in selecting a princess dress, crown or pair of high heels to put's often the very first thing she does in the morning.

Brayden and Brooke are so different. I love how God created each one of them so uniquely. Between the two of them, I feel like I've been given the best of both worlds. I've been given much.


  1. What a cutie pie! You are indeed a very blessed woman. Your children are amazing!

  2. WOW! I thought Hattie's was bad ... or mine! Brookie has us both beat!

    And, yes, your children are VERY different, but they are BOTH scrumptious! I love em!

    And I love you too!!!!!

  3. Those are great pictures! Isn't it amazing how two kids from the same family can be so different? My boys are exact opposites.

  4. Oh I know that hair....I see it at our house often. It's a pain to brush out, lots of yelling.