Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Days of Summer...

We went out on Grandpa's boat this past Saturday to enjoy one of our last days of summer. The boat has been a great getaway and often takes us far away from our cares and worries. Here are photos from our Saturday escape:

Bray fishing off the dock (waiting for the boat to be loaded into the water)

Brookie and Grandma waiting (with freshly painted fingernails!)

Mommy and Brayden fishing...
and sharing a quiet moment together...

And the fun begins...Hi Daddy!
Hi Grandpa!
Time for a swim
and some fun in the water...
Arrived to Metro Beach...a little game of horseshoes
Hello Hollywood!
Brookie and her Daddy
The boys could fish all day (never mind Brayden's exposed coin slot)
Oh yes! It's Brooke again...putting on a show for us..the cooler is her stage
and playing football with Daddy this one cracks me up...what a cheese-ball (had to include it for a good laugh)
Over to the "Squirt Zone"
to cool off again and play
time to go...
getting tired....
too tired to walk....
heading back to the marina
that does it...one is OUT! (see bray asleep under all the towels)

and another is OUT!!! But not for too long because...
there's always time for ice cream (frozen custard)
Actually, she's not the biggest ice cream fan...she eats off the sprinkles and then she's done!
time to play again...and get more dirty.
And home for baths!

And quiet time with Daddy....Oh what a life!
I think we'll all sleep good tonight!


  1. What a fun day...makes for precious moments and great memories!!

  2. I LOVE the pics - as always they are great!!!!

    Let me know if this is ok - you can go to your edit page and change fonts and colors if you want. Also, I was not able to save the link list - I am so sorry, I messed up and lost it. PLEASE forgive me!

    Becky Jo

  3. The Picts are wonderful!! When Brooke smiles...I see Darcy!!!
    Love those summer days!