Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Little Lamb...

Just started preschool yesterday!!!

Yeah Brookie!Brooke was very excited to go to Little Lambs "all by herself!"

and proud to carry her very own backpack
she looks pretty cool, huh?
So many pictures on this Big Day!
She did well posing for Mommy...
until Mommy wanted to get a picture with her...

Brooke is in the same class with two of her best friends: Marissa Knepper and Sami Conkey
and since her brother went to Little Lambs for the past two years, she is already familiar with the building and several of the teachers...what a PRO!

Brooke was not shy on her first day and enjoyed talking/sharing during Story Time
("My brother goes to school and rides the school bus" and "I like ice cream!")
(...those were very important details for her teacher to know at the time)

It was a fun day...a little playtime, a story, a sing-along
and a snack! good times with good friends
Bye Little Lambs...I'll be back again on Thursday
What a great day!


  1. YAY Brookie!!!!
    And, oh Amanda - time to yourself. Did ya cry? I woulda!


    PS - seriously, the colors ... how?!

  2. Oh my goodness. How she has grown to be such a beautiful girl, just like her Mommy.

    We considered preschool this year, but Ava being such an early three, we decided to do preschool co-op preschool again at my house. Four moms and one dad and five little girls (and some babies in between :D). We all rotate leading and planning and things like that. It's a lot of fun. And boy does Ava have to learn to share her toys. Not always easy ya know. :)

    It looks like Brooke had fun. How are you doing with your little ones growing and doing "big kid" things?

  3. Loved the pics. Same ole' lamb at the doorway. I heard Brooke was the star at rug time. And it looks like you lucked out with Brooke taking the backpack that Mommy likes too!!!

  4. She is such a doll! I'll bet she was so excited to start school! She looks just like Amanda did at that age, and Amanda was, and still is a doll!!!!!!!!!Love, Dad Carter