Monday, October 27, 2008


Brooke had a few cute things to share and comment on this past week...coming from the mind and mouth of a three year-old, here are a few "Brooke-isms"...

1.) Brooke wants to be held A-L-L the time...there are many times after the gym that I am just too beat, and often tell her my arms are just too tired. While waiting for Brayden's school bus the other day, I was holding her and she says: "Mommy, your hands are exercising!" (if she only knew...)

2.) One morning I gave her a muffin with the wrapper on it. She groans and says: "But, Mom, it has stripes!" (stripes=the lined wrapper...In other words, "take the wrapper off Mama!")

3.) Tiptoeing around the corner, she says "What was that noise? I hear Darcy." (AKA- Daddy)

4.) We have a great view of the sky in the morning as we drive out the back way of our sub. We always comment on the sky and one day it was such a magnificent shade of pinks and peaches. I said "Wow, the sky is glowing, it looks like it is on fire." Brooke says matter-of-factly:
"It's not fire Mom, it's peach." (ok smartypants)

5.) On our way out to Saline Sunday, we told the kids we were going to a restaurant first, Brooke says "But I don't want to go to a restaurant, I want to go to Halloween" (it is no longer a day of the year, rather a destination....she often asks "are we going to halloween today?")

6.) Browsing through a toy catalog that came in the mail... "Mom, can I buy this for Merry Christmas? Can I buy this for my Christmas list please? I want it so bad." ( i think she has heard me say "well, perhaps you should put it on your Christmas list" too many times while out and about...It's easier than saying "no"...oh, the hope!)

7.) While at my nephew, Mitchell's, football game yesterday, I glance down to see Brooke putting her finger in her mouth...I happened to notice that there was some rather gross, slimyish- greenish-yellow matter on the end of her finger... I say "BROOKE, what did you just put in your mouth?!" Deer in head lights. Silence. "BROOKE, what was that that you just put in your mouth?!" She cocks her head to the side, chin tucked into her neck, eyes wide and looking upward... and in a meek little sweet voice says "candy." (Well, does it come in any other flavor besides booger? Gross!)

8.) "Mom, it is too hard to be patient."

And one last thought...On the way home from school today, we are again looking and talking about the clouds and the sky. Brooke says her usual "God made the sun." And Brayden says "Yup...and the moon too...and the stars and the whole world...and then He rested. God didn't make the houses, but He made the workers. They aren't men, but they are workers who get a glass of lemonade and relax a little and then they build all the houses."

Oh, Out of the mouth of babes....

"A young child is, indeed, a true scientist, just one big question mark. What? Why? How? I never cease to marvel at the recurring miracle of growth, to be fascinated by the mystery and wonder of this brave enthusiasm."
-victoria wagner


  1. So cute! It's great that you're documentating these cute things that they say.

  2. OK, the "candy" one kinda grossed me out a bit, but everything else ... SO SWEET!!!!

    Ok, that was cute too, but still!

    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!