Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Can anyone imagine what happens when your five year old puts a blue crayon in his jeans pocket and it goes undetected in the wash and then proceeds to go into the hot dryer? Scraping the inside of the dryer with a butter knife (underneath the lint trap and all the other unreachable nooks and crannies) is NOT a fun task. Each time the dryer runs, I am finding more and more blue crayon resurfacing from these unreachable nooks and crannies. Once it resurfaces, it attaches to whatever is in the dryer at the time! Let's just say that I have two full loads of laundry that are now covered in blue crayon "polk-Oh-dots" (as Brooke calls them) of the loads was our bedroom sheets! I tried spraying, scrubbing and rewashing, but to no avail...the crayon has embedded blue specs and spots throughout the garments. Yes, I will rejoice in the comfort of the clean sheets tonight despite their new least we sleep with the lights off.

P.S. This debacle didn't sit well after my 3 year old clogged one of the upstairs toilets...Hubby's working late, so I am flying solo. Where in the world is the plunger? I have looked everywhere. The poop is just going to have to be patient until Daddy gets home...cuz this Mama is pooped herself!


  1. Oh Girl, I am feeling your pain. Wish I could help.

    Love ya!!!!!

  2. Ugh? Why does that stuff always happen when you are flying solo? I hope your knight in shining armor was able to rescue you once he got home.

  3. Oh brother! You've had a poopy day, but don't be too blue! (Sorry...couldn't resist!) :)

  4. I have forgotten my lipstick in my pocket and just washed it once ..
    just imaging your dry machine might get some funny experience though this since it‘s always been an hard-working helper of your life。

  5. With ours when he was 5 it was red........ I feel your pain completely & totally and the flying solo is no joy. I feel like I'm reading about me 10 years ago... Take heart, it gets SO much better!!!!! :) Blessings