Saturday, October 18, 2008

LIFE in a week: Part B

Blake's Apple Orchard continued...

donuts and cider for everyone...

It was a fun Saturday afternoon at the orchard.

On Tuesday, Brooke had a big day
so, of course we had to paint her nails for the occasion
She picked "Peach-A-Boo" and "Thrills in Beverly Hills"

Good color choices Brookie!

We visited Daddy at his office

and had lunch together

and then Brooke went to Little Lambs

and she had the "ME BOX" for show-and-tell that day

She was so excited and proud to show off her treasures!

of course she had to bring her "Kitty"

her pink Bible, pink musical jewelry box (containing jewelry, a measuring tape and lip gloss),

a couple of Polly Pockets, Strawberry Shortcake,

and a photo album of family and friendsI wasn't there, but left my camera for the teachers to steal a few shots

Making mommy proud!
Later that day on the homefront,
Optimus Prime was getting ready for Halloween
You know, He is Leader of the Autobots
On Thursday Brooke had her
Little Lambs Field Trip

Fall is so much fun!

Daddy had Friday off...the 3 of us went to the gym
while Bray was in school
and when Bray came home, there was more fun to be had because...
Brayden had a great week and filled up
his reward chart!
Great job Brayden! He missed his reward two weeks in a row
(by only one star each time)
So he was super thrilled! We took the kids to the
Bounce House (but we forgot our camera!)
The whole family jumped and jumped
and had a great time together!
And that was our week-last Saturday through this Friday!


  1. You are such a fun mom. The pics are awesome. I cried over the ones with Darcy's fam. Such an answer to prayer.
    Only God ... Only GOD!

  2. I LOVE the ME BOX. Do they do that every week, day or what? That is awesome. Okay another idea stealer here. :) I need to steel that one for preschool and have each child bring the box every week with something special to talk about :). LOVE IT!