Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Boy's Prayer

The kids often argue over who gets to pray "first" before breakfast each morning. The rule: whoever sits own at the table first. So, today it was Brayden, and here is what he prayed:

Dear God,
Thank you it is a wonderful morning.
Please don't make me have any sad faces today.
Don't make me too wild
and don't make me push or hit.
In Jesus' name I pray,

"Mommy, I'm going to try really hard today!"

Oh, Bless his little heart!

P.S. Did anyone see the sky this morning? On it's own it didn't look like too much...not a colorful tone, more of a deep grayish-blue (storms are coming)...But as a backdrop against the vibrant fall trees and bright green grass on the ground, the sun was glistening and peaking through the blanket of clouds in all the right places... it was truly breathtaking. I was surprised how beautiful the morning was. Wished I had my camera at the time.


  1. What a sweet little pray! They are so cute and innocent when they're little! :O)

  2. Oh I love the prayers of children :).

    Ava told me that she wants to take her crunchy bunny to heaven when she goes :). Crunchy is her lovey bunny.

    Funny little things.