Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morning Rush Mishap

It always seems like there is so much to do in the morning. This morning, Brayden was a little bit pokey and I felt like I was rushing him and rushing around to get him to the bus stop on time. Sometimes I leave right from the bus stop and take Brooke to the gym. If it is a gym day, I often have to have us all ready and out the door by was a gym day.

We make it through our checklist:
  • breakfast
  • brush teeth/take vitamins
  • get dressed
  • do hair
  • wash face
  • feed Jack (the fish)
  • load backpack
  • coat/shoes
  • get in the car!

Whew! We made it out the door successfully- and all still in a good mood :)

As I am stretching before my gym class today, I look down and realize that I have two different tennis shoes on! One yellow, and one purple. I do love these colors together, but this was not planned. I have heard of people accidentally doing this, and always wondered, "How could they not notice?" I had never worn two mismatched shoes unintentionally. I was glad I wasn't wearing capris, and I was glad that at least they were the same brand of shoe. I don't think it was too noticeable?

I love moments like this when all you can do is just laugh at yourself. I couldn't wait to call Darcy and tell him. Makes me wonder if I have done this before and just never noticed? Gotta love that morning rush!


  1. Here is a tip:

    Never buy the exact same shoes in both navy & black.

    Just trust me on this.

  2. Waaaaayyyyy too funny. I wore two different shoes to work once. One a sling back and one a closed back. Oh yeah, I was THAT lame. AND, I was wearing a dress. And, seeing as how I have ginormous feet, not a single person there had anything I could borrow. So I called my stay at home friend - also foot challanged - and she brought an assortment to choose from. Did I mention that I was the receptionist and it was my job to walk clients around the office to whoever they were meeting with. And the office was HUGE. AND the CEO of the company visited that day.

    Yeah, good times!

  3. It seems like kelli and I both learned the same lesson...the hard way.