Saturday, October 4, 2008

These are the Days of Our Lives...

Brooke has really missed Brayden now that he is in school all day. She has become much more attached to me and is even going through a separation anxiety stage (a first for her). I think that this change in schedule has been hard on her too. She misses her brother; it's all she has ever known. When he is home, she wants to be near him all the time. Over the past week, week and a half, I have really enjoyed watching and observing them play and interact with one another.

Last Saturday Brayden got up at the crack of dawn. I told him Mommy needed a couple more minutes to sleep, but to go downstairs and turn on the TV and Noggin would be on for him. 20 minutes later I awoke and noticed that Brooke's bedroom door was open (which means she woke up and went right downstairs first). So, I crawled out of bed and came downstairs to see them on the living room floor quietly playing Candyland together. Precious.

They are growing up so quickly. I think we are about done with group bathing in the Schrieber home. Not that Brayden notices or cares, but we are almost at that stage where he will. This week Tinkerbell got a ride in Diego's helicopter...
While the pirates battled it out...
"Ahoy! Matay!"
"Hand over the hidden treasure or you'll have to walk the plank!"
Adventures in Bathtime Neverland...
And out of nowhere, Mr. Brontosaurus appears
He claps and believes, saving Tinkerbell's life...
and along with Ms. Stegasaurus, they all become friends and live happily ever after.

While bathing Mommy attempts to tell a story.... "Once upon a time there were two children named Brayden and Brooke who lived in a castle. The castle had a dungeon with dragons and outside the castle walls there was a magical land filled with rainbows and unicorns. The land had a meadow made of honey and fields of flowers that tasted like candy. The grass tasted like pizza and the clouds up above were made of cotton candy..."

Brooke: "Are we gonna go there Mama?"

No Brooke, this is just a story; it's all make-believe.

After baths we made friendly ghosts
Don't worry, they are just make believe too.
(I remember making these with my grandma- kleenex and cotton balls)
And to keep us satisfied until the real pumpkins come home,
we bought and decorated mini ones...
Little Pumpkins for my lil' pumpkins
And during our Quiet Time routine, mommy read a book called "Mealtime Prayers."
(a darling and delicious find at Debby's Dollar).

Page 5 is titled "God's Beautiful Garden"

God made us.
He made this beautiful garden we call the world.
He filled it with plants and fruits,
and gave them all to us for food.
He gave us plump grapes,
juicy berries, and sweet bananas.
He gave us peaches
and raspberries.
What fruit do you like best?

Brayden: "I like peaches!"
Brooke: "pickles and cheese!!! And, and God made the sun..."

Dear Lord,
Your fruit fills our tummies.
Your love fills our hearts.
Thank you, Lord.


  1. Those are some great kids you've got there!

    They must take after their parents.

  2. Your children are beautiful! Keep taking those pictures because even without the captions . . . they will tell a million stories in just a few short years. I ALWAYS have a camera in hand because I love taking pictures of those special moments and I can tell, you do to!

  3. I love how Brooke has Tinker Bell in a hellicopter. Hahahahaha

  4. I like peaches too; and, and the sunshine!!! ;) Gotta love 'em!!