Monday, October 13, 2008

Top Ten Things that Make Me Happy...

Becky Jo- Thank you for the "Kreativ Blogger" Award. Of course, you are to thank for your limitless creativity and know-how. I just gave you some color combos and layout preferences and work magic (Love ya Rock Star!)

But, to follow protocol, I will list 10 random things that make me happy (not in any special order) and nominate 2 more "Kreativ Blogger" winners.


1.) Clean sheets

2.) Finding money in the dryer (or in Darcy's pockets)

3.) Sundays

4.) My sisters (BFFs)

5.) When Brooke laughs (a good belly laugh)

6.) When Brayden sings

7.) A glass of fine red wine

8.) Snuggling up next to Darcy (my personal body heater) and getting a foot rub

9.) Dad's potato pancakes and Mama Jo's spinach balls

10.) White peonies and lavender lilacs

And now I am going to pass the torch on to 2 new bloggers...The first is a private blog, so you will not be able to view hers...but let me tell you, it is so good! She is an online scrapbooker/blogger junkie, has already posted over 4,000 photos on her blog since creating it, and often blogs a few times a day. She is an excellent photographer, stay-at-home Mom to beautiful Ava, a devoted godly woman and she is super creative and artistic. The first winner is my friend, Jessica, and her "My Life Journal" blog!

The second winner is my girl Cat and her new hubby Matt and their blog Married for a year now this past September. A couple months ago they left Cali and set out to conquer the world together...First stop: Roatan, Honduras. They are creative, witty, quirky, passionate and full of adventure...their words, photos, and blog reflect their free spiritedness. (however, they do need to set up a "comments" section on their blog).

And, because I am not super bloggy-creative, I do not know how to pass on the award that was first posted on Becky Jo's blog So there you go! Winners, tell us 10 things that make you happy and pass the torch on to two fellow bloggers.


  1. I am doubled over laughing at that cackle!! Precious & hilarious! And what a little singer! I'm sure there is never a dull moment in your home with entertainers like that!

    And I HAVE to agree...peonies and lilacs are absolutely heavenly - and I would add to that list hydrangeas...amazing!

  2. Those were some ROCKIN' videos!!! Brookie's laugh is like the one that you can get for a ringtone only better 'cause it si REAL!!! And Bray, oh.... I love that boy!

    (PS - just save the award pic to your pics and copy it to your blog!!! I can help ya if you need it!)

  3. I thouroughly enjoy your blog! If you could add the followers element so I could see when you post new things that would be great, your children are adorable. My name is Rylea, I am a 14 year old and my blog is :D thank you you have an amazing blog!