Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Depersonalizing the Home

Wow! It has been a lot of work "de-personalizing" the home and trying to get it ready for sale. Time-consuming and a bit emotional on occasion. There is a lot of maintenance to keeping the house "show-ready" at all times, especially with 3 and 5 year old occupants. But, the advantage is we usually have a fairly clean house...which makes me a very happy Mommy and wife!

Our realtor suggested we de-personalize the home a bit and start taking things down and packing them away. She also advised us not to spend ANY money getting ready for the sale because we would lose it all since the house is no longer worth what we paid for obviously, any additional money put into the home would be lost.

I didn't particularly enjoy taking down photographs. I have so many of them around the home, and managed to take down some of them and cover up quite a few. Some frames are actually part of our home decor, so instead of removing them all together, I chose to cover the photo up with scrapbook paper or other non-person photos. This choice was also made because we do not have any touch-up paint for the home. So, taking down a frame or picture would leave a not so pleasant to look at hole in the wall. Some may think this is tacky- but ya have to work with what ya got, right? Here are some before and afters of the "de-personalizing" process...

Before (above)
After (below)

Before (above)
After (below)

befores and afters

sweet little brayden at 4 and a 1/2 months
replaced with a photo of a desk in an artist's studio
in brooklyn, ny

kitchen ledge before (below)
kitchen ledge after (below)
In addition, I have scripture all over my house...
handwritten on notecards and post-it notes
It's on our front door, back door, laundry room door, bedroom doors,
bathroom mirrors, cabinets, computer,'s everywhere. I have not
enjoyed taking it down. Even though these words are written on my
heart, I found much encouragement in reading them
around my home every day. Sure, it looks a lot cleaner,
but I do miss the meaningful, uplifting clutter.

more photos replaced with paper

Removing scripture

I have found it hidden in places I forgot I had put it
(behind the fishtank, on lamp posts, in plants)
And then there are just some photos and scripture that are just
going to have to stay
"De-personalizing" your home....much easier said than done. This is all part of the process of selling. The Lord is reminding me that the memories and values in our family and in our home are far more important than the material things. What's engraved on the heart outweighs what is engraved on a wall...and thankfully, that will never be "de-personalized."


  1. Your home is lovely before and after, but I know that's hard to take down all of the personal items.

    I didn't realize that you were looking to sell your home. Are you relocating or just going to buy a different home?

  2. I am soooooooo not looking forward to that. But, your house is beautiful no matter what!

    ps - I love the "no monsters allowed" sign!