Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mornings with Brooke

This was my first view of Brooke the other morning.
There was no "good morning mommy," no "hello"....just a girl on a mission...
A backside view of Brooke doing what's most important on her "TO-DO list" each day...
BEING A PRINCESS!So, of course, I ask her to pose for me....because (as you will soon discover as you read along) Brooke finds her princess gear each morning and effortlessly transforms into a
"rug rat beauty."

Pajamas on or off? It all depends on the mood.
this morning, they were half on/half off.
about 20 minutes later...they were all off.
but of course, a princess must never remove her high heels.

I haven't posted any of the following photos before, but all summer long I snapped shots of
our princess first thing in the morning.

Behold her Royal Majesty
in all her Morning Glory....

it's all in the earrings...build your outfit around
just one accessory!
You can't see, but there is nothing under this tutu
what a creative flare though, huh? Genius!
(Project Runway...here we come!)
(a pullup is under this one)
Work it girl!
(this one is actually after a nap, but she still followed
appropriate princess protocol)

Isn't this what being a girl is all about?
Lovin' my mornings with Brooke!

P.S. And below you'll find Brayden's self-dressing efforts last Saturday morning.Because isn't this what you would choose to wear to a birthday party when it is 30 degrees outside?


  1. What creative combinations Brooke has come up with!! Too cute!!

  2. To funny! I love the one with the hat - Brookie is a fashion GENIUS!!! She is gonna set the world on fire!

    Oh, and Mr. Brayden - he is so blod with his choices of color!

    Gotta love it!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking, Princess Brooke! You know who you are, and you know how to wear it!!!! We could all learn from you, sweet girl!

  4. Fashionista in the making!!

    LOL about Brayden's self-dressing. I can so relate to that one. But, I don't think that's what he actually wore to the party.

  5. Awww...This is what I'm missing by not having any girls. *sob* Well, we may just have to fix that problem. :o) She is just adorable!