Friday, December 12, 2008

Angels or Manure?

I was listening to Christian talk radio this morning and heard a great message I thought I'd share. I can't remember the pastor's name, but to put it simply, he was reminding us that even in the midst of negativity and hardship, God is doing amazing things.

He reflected on Mary and what she must have been thinking when she was going through labor and childbirth in a stinky stable. She must have been pondering "Where is God in all of this?" "Here I am about to have God's Son...where is the warm house and the comfort in this situation?" Mary was in a lowly stable with farm animals- where she wouldn't expect to see God or feel Him working.

God is at work all around us...even where and when we don't expect Him to be. We can either choose to smell the manure or choose to hear the angels sing. This holiday season remember to tune yourself into what God is speaking in your life and make a choice to hear the heavenly chorus.


  1. I agree with beckyjomama -- I should know because I'm Amanda's Mama Jo