Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Thought

I just realized my least favorite article of clothing is the dish towel I don over my left shoulder most hours of the day.

Handy? Yes. Functional? Yes. Fashionable? Not so much...

If anything is to be worn over my shoulder, I prefer it to be fur (or faux fur) or a nice handbag.

Oh...the life of a Mom.


  1. I used to wear a dish towel too, but after losing track of it (yes, while it was still ON MY SHOULDER) three times in a row, I figured I would just put it down and cut back on at least the appearance of senility! Now when I have two or twelve dish towels floating around the kitchen I can just say I couldn't find one ... guess that's not much better, but it is a dillusion that I can live with!

  2. Hey, I know someone who makes these really cool tea towels -- I'll bet you could get some to coordinate with your outfits!!

  3. mom- you're so cute! what a great idea! i'll welcome your tea towels anytime!