Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby's DEBUT

Schrieber Baby made it's motion picture debut this morning...
and the crowd cheered and fell in love!
With contagious delight, we anxiously viewed this little life's heart beating.

Mommy is exactly 7 weeks along and baby's due date (official release date) is:

~AUGUST 31, 2009~

At first, the tech was unable to find anything when performing the initial ultrasound. She tried for nearly 5 minutes (which seemed like an eternity) and could not detect anything. She thought perhaps I wasn't as far along as we thought, the dates were a bit hazy because of my previous miscarriage...and we didn't have a "last menstrual date" to go by. But I knew I ovulated December 8th and we found out I was pregnant on Sunday, December 21st...the pregnancy test wouldn't have detected the pregnancy hormones and come back positive if I was indeed not as far along as we imagined.

She suggested we have my Doctor come in and take a look, for a second opinion...and then perhaps they would send me over to fetal imagining if they were still unable to detect anything. My heart sunk and the tears rolled as I waited. Thankfully, Darcy was with me (and Brooke who kept asking "Is the Baby growing Daddy? Is the Baby growing?"
All we could say is "We'll see, honey.")

When my Doctor came in she was immediately able to find the baby. She said that my uterus has shifted a bit due to having previous babies, so it was just a matter of finding the right spot. More tears rolled as this image of miraculous life filled the screen and I watched that little heart beating for the first time...and then my heart sank again a bit when she said "What's that? It looks like there is another sack here." (breathe) But, it was empty...she said it was possible that there was a twin that never developed!

Schrieber Baby Tidbits:

I have an incredible growth spurt this week...and will more than double in size! My leg buds are beginning to appear as short fins and my arm buds have grown longer- dividing into hand segments and arm-shoulder segments. My hands and feet have digital plates where my fingers and toes will develop (I am hoping for 10 each). My heart has already divided into right and left chambers ...and there are now air passages in my lungs. My cerebral hemispheres are growing and my eyes and nostrils are developing. My intestines are developing as well and I already have my appendix and pancreas. I am well on my way to becoming ME!

I feel much gladness today.

"This is the day that the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it."

There is much rejoicing over here at the Schrieber home.


  1. joicing here at B Manor too - I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am for you!

  2. Umm, yeah, that would be REjoicing ... DUH!!

  3. Whew! I'm so happy for you. I remember the feeling of waiting for the heartbeat ultrasound. We had a scary appointment like that with Max except that I wasn't as far along so we did have to wait a week not knowing if he was growing or not then come back for a follow-up ultrasound. I've never been so relieved as when I heard his heartbeat for the first time.

    Congratulations again. How nice to have an official due date!

  4. Beautifully spoken! So excited to be journeying this alongside of you & your fam!

  5. Oh sweetie, what a day you must have many emotions I am sure you were feeling. I am just so happy for you. It seems like just yesterday I was visiting and holding Brayden and now you have a 3rd on the way! A child is the most beautiful gift of all.

    I will try and send some warm weather your way. The funny thing is all through fall and up through December I am jealous of your weather there. It's only after Jan. 1st that I am ready and appreciative of our warm sunny weather.

  6. This brings absolute joy to my heart. :) Wow, imagine twins :).