Friday, January 30, 2009

The Food Bandit

Well, it appears that we have a FOOD BANDIT in our house! This particular FOOD BANDIT strikes at odd times, but usually the strikes occur when mommy is not around (upstairs) or is distracted. I first noticed strange items of food being left out in odd places around the house over a month ago. This happened a few times before I decided it was time to snap some photos of the evidence. I'm attempting to gather enough to make a case. This is what I have collected thus far:

Strike 1: An open jar of peanut butter on the floor of the dining room.


Strike 2: A closed jar of jelly on the floor and a misplaced lid nearby.

Study closely...Do you see a shadow behind the drapes in the above photo?

Upon further investigation, we find a jar of peanut butter and two cans of rice noodles hidden behind the drapes. Alas, we now know where the foreign lid belongs.



Strike 3: We find another open jar of rice noodles...this time, they are found in the front living room, on the floor, behind the coffee table.

(Note: Most food items gathered may normally be found in our pantry, on a shelf that is approximately 3 and a half feet high from the ground.)


Strike 4: We discover an open Fiber One bar along with it's original box. (NOTE: no picture was taken, but a couple days following, we collected an open box of KASHI Bars that was also hidden under this coffee table, behind the Fiber One bars...I KNEW I hadn't gone through that entire box of Kashi Bars and was puzzled to have to go purchase more before this latest discovery.)


Strike 5: This time, mommy was downstairs and the strike occurred upstairs in a new, private location. Upon entering my master bathroom I find a pair of scissors and an empty "candy necklace" wrapper on the rug. (I had just recently purchased Valentine treats for a certain 3- year-old's preschool class and apparently didn't hide them too well...)

So, there you have it. The evidence has been gathered. The jury is in. The suspect is none other than: The Notorious Brookie


  1. The snacks and candy in your house will sleep better at night. :) (Too cute!)

  2. The jig is up Miss Brooke! You are NABBED!

    That is so very cute ... of course, it didn;t happen at my house :)
    (you should really start feeding that kid!!! LOL)

  3. Cute post. Love the jailed pic, is that picnik?

  4. FYI, I am BEYOND in love with the curtains!

  5. We are cracking up...Aron's like, "That's an awesome post!". If this were at our house...I would be the guilty one - strange cravings at strange times!