Thursday, January 8, 2009

They Live what they Learn...

Before Darcy left for his meeting tonight, we exchanged some love and extended "I've missed you" smooches with two innocent bystanders soaking it all in. Later this evening, while the kids were soaking up the suds in the bathtub, I quietly observed Brayden playing.

Normally, there are girl toys (polly pockets, barbies, etc.) on one side of the tub and boy toys (wrestling figurines, pirates, power rangers, etc.) on the other...but tonight their worlds collided. You'll never belive what I saw...Can you believe that Hulk Hogan was K-I-S-S-I-N-G the Barbie Mermaid! Who would have ever thought? ;)

Brayden didn't know that I saw him doing this and I didn't say anything either...but I did go grab my camera and asked him to hold up the two bathtub neighbors. They say opposites attract, right?


  1. It was a happy day for him when he gave us our new lives, through the truth of his Word, and we became, as it were, the first children in his new family. JAMES 1:18 LB

  2. Too cute. Hattie must notice it too because her playhouse people are ALWAYS kissing!!! At least they aren't yelling at each other!

  3. We need Hulk over at our house. Not much kissing around here as we don't have a male figurine. Liked the picture. One for the photo books.

  4. They do live what they learn-- and your kids have some great teachers!!

  5. Were they actually K-R-S-and-T-U-Ving????

  6. Oh, I bet that made your heart pitter-patter! You know, I'm sure daddy does remind him of the hulk hogan & mommy of Barbie! Not too far off, I'd say!
    Just precious!