Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyone Has a "Look-A-Like"...

Saturday started with a lot of excitement as we packed our bags and prepared to make the trip out to Tecumseh for my niece and nephew's (Natalie and Wyatt's) "bowling" birthday party. Afterwards, the family was going to spend the night at my sister's house and just enjoy some time together. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like, and I was really looking forward to some downtime with my sister and her family.

Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us, and after venturing out for almost 45 minutes on the icy, wet, messy roads, we made the decision to cancel our trip and stay home. Let me just say that the kids were not the only ones crying and disappointed. It took me a long time to shake it off and to try to enjoy the day (I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones for that.)

Once the disappointment wore off a bit, there was little family fun in store for us. With all the newly dropped snow, we played outside and made a "Look-A-Like" snowman family. Daddy's is spruced up in a tie, Mommy's snowman even has earrings, Brayden's is sportin' a ball cap, and Brooke's is donning a pink feather boa. (and baby snowman is all "nat-u-ral"...newly formed)

Brooke was not happy until she could hold the "baby snowman."
(the smiles return)

After quite some time playing in the frigid cold, we took the kids swimming at the gym (brayden loves the water slide and the newfound freedom it brings) And then we went out to eat...the kids were so tired after all that fresh air and swimming. Brayden actually fell asleep (for the night) at the restaurant dinner table! (wished I had my camera for that one)
Sometimes you've got to make the best out of Plan B. When life brings you lemons, you gotta make lemonade. And when life brings you snow, go do something with it!


  1. It is disappointing when plans that you're excited about fall through. How much fun to make a look-a-like family of snowmen!!! What a great memory you've made with the kids!!

  2. Never thought to do a snowman family before. There you go being all creative again. I love it.

  3. How fun - I love the snowman family - and even little Baby B! Too cool :)