Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling WORN OUT and BLUE...

Brayden came home from school today bringing with him ANOTHER hole in his jeans! This marks the 5th pair of jeans since September with a hole in the RIGHT knee.
Lonely HOLE 1

Tired and Blue HOLE 2

Worn Out HOLE 3
Battered & Bruised HOLE 4
Defeated HOLE 5

And below you'll find:
Either summer needs to arrive quickly or
it's fine time I invested in some patches.
Oh...the JOYS of BOYS!


  1. Maybe we can find a group rate on patches, cause Hattie get holes too - 'cept hers are on her hiney when the pocket pulls away cause girlfriend refuses to unbutton before pulling em down or up!

  2. Amanda- what size does Brayden wear? I can look in my bins of Nate's outgrown stuff and see if we have some jeans that will fit Brayden.