Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giver of LIFE

If you read the previous post, you may understand this one more fully. Today is the one year anniversary of my Grandpa's death. I was driving to my doctor's appointment this morning, eager to see the baby again and hear the heartbeat for the first time and I started to reflect on the truth that God is the ultimate Giver of LIFE...LIFE that is new and developing and at the earliest of stages, Abundant LIFE for us in the here and now, and eternal LIFE (of which my grandpa has experienced for a year now). Much to be thankful for today.

On my way to my appointment, I tried to call my Grandma to see how she was doing today, my thoughts very much consumed with the occasion. As I am driving alone, I am listening to the radio and the song "I'm In Better Hands Now" comes on (significance in previous post). I honestly haven't heard this song in months. I couldn't believe it was playing, today, at that moment. I sang along and wept and thanked God for giving me that song...a simple and small gift just for me today. I will savor this small and personal blessing. And as I am driving, crying and thanking God for this smallest gift, I think to myself "God doesn't touch my life." There's so much more to it than that. "He holds my life. He truly holds it in the palm of His hand." Moments later, as I am reflecting on this, a Newsboys song comes on that I have never heard before called "In the Hands of God." I know this, too, is not a coincidence.

I could never doubt that there is a God. He is so very much alive, present, and real. He speaks to a loud voice and in a quiet whisper. Any listening ear and seeking heart will find Him.

Wise God, Loving Father...You're amazing; You are.


  1. I am totally hugging you right now!

  2. Overwhelmed with thankfullness for a very REAL God, who is the giver of life!!

  3. Hey, I saw this on another blog and just had to share it with you.

    It's a 3D animated baby ticker for blogs and email. It's pretty neat.

    Thought you might be interested. :)