Friday, February 20, 2009

Scissors and a 3 Year Old...

Yesterday is one of our long days where Brooke does not get a nap. Around 5ish she was so tired and whiny that she eagerly agreed to lay on my bed and watch "NOGGIN" while I started to get dinner prepared. Some time passed by; I was cooking and talking to a friend on the phone when Brooke came up behind me in the kitchen and plopped this onto the counter...
It is a bulletin she had pulled out of my Bible or one of the books on my nightstand. She must have gotten ahold of a pair of scissors in my bathroom (the same pair that mysteriously opened a Valentine candy a few weeks back). And her gesture of "plopping the pile" in front of me is a bit like her tattling on herself. She knows she should not be playing with scissors.

After the kids were in bed sleeping, I went up to my bathroom to get on my cozies and to wash my face. I opened up one of my bathroom drawers and found this...

Look closely...the hair on top of the scissors is not "left-over" hair from the hairbrush...

No....these are fresh locks here! That little vixen not only cut up a bulletin, she decided to get brave and give herself a little haircut too! (I think the "pile of paper" she left me on the kitchen counter was actually a little guilty clue that there was something a bit more naughty I would soon discover)
Here is Little Miss with her new and improved look (which thankfully is not very noticeable and could have been a lot worse...but I have been waiting and waiting for the sides of her hair to completely grow out so that she could wear a ponytail without it falling into her face...looks like we have some more waiting to do). And as an optimist, I should see potential...Perhaps she wants to take after her Aunt Bear and become a stylist?Until that day arrives...NOTE TO SELF:
1.) Unsupervised three year olds and scissors do not mix!
2.) Remove all scissors in home that are within a 3 year-old's reach!

Oh...another day in the life of the Schrieber home


  1. I remember when Olivia (Stephanie's oldest) got her little fingers on scissors and cut off her entire poney-tail! She went from lots of long locks to looking like a boy for awhile but it was kinda funny! Steph left her alone for just a few minutes and WHAM . . so it could have been much worse!

  2. Oh NOOOOOOO!!!!!! That is funny in a sad inda way. Plus, it is a fear of mine since I once went from goldie locks to Mia Farrow in one night. Only it was the BABYSITTER wielding the scissors!

  3. Definitely a possible beautician in the making!

    I remember Taylor hacking off Payton's hair a few years back.