Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Moments to Savor

I have been itching to get online to blog and catch up with everyone, but there has been so much on my plate lately, that online fun has had to take the backseat. I feel like I have some catching up to do, so let me rewind a bit....Ahhhh...many sweet moments to savor over the past 5 days. I'll begin with last Friday. Darcy called me up in the morning and asked if I wanted to go out on a date with him. It had been a really long time since we had carved out the time to do this, so I was very excited...excited all day long looking forward to our time together.
We went to Partridge Creek and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at Brio. (The only thing missing was a fine glass of red wine.) But overall we enjoyed good food and good conversation.
After dinner, we shopped around a bit (well, we made it to one store)...but we found exactly what Darcy was looking for- a bright colored zip-up hoodie (on the clearance rack too!) and I found a cute blouse (not on sale) but I used a giftcard I had been saving to purchase it.
After our little shopping expedition, we caught a movie- complete with my last minute, unusual, but instant craving for a SLURPEE. I enjoyed the entire thing, and once I finished, I looked at Darcy and said "I think I got it all!" and he said "Yep, and I heard every luscious minute of it!"
I should add that Friday afternoon began with a great report home from Brayden's teacher (see above). I have been wanting to update everyone on his progress, especially since so many have prayed for him since the beginning of the school year. I think I haven't wanted to "jinx" myself, but know the importance of sharing and updating everyone. Overall, Brayden is excelling academically and has made great strides in his overall behavior at school. Sure, we have our off days, but in general, he has been doing really well since our "first of the school year" struggles. And, I should note that we have not had one "accident" since my whole "losing it at the library" day. Overall, I am very very proud of this little man.
And, Monday we had a Doctor's appointment. I am 18 weeks and me and baby look/sound great. Loved hearing that heartbeat again...it was 138 this time. We find out the sex of the baby next week and I can hardly wait for the day to come!
(not the best photo of me in general, but a decent overall view of baby bump)
Plus...I recently picked up swimming and on Sunday I swam my first mile!
I am feeling great these days.

Brayden came home from school yesterday with a bunch of what his teacher called "Love/Like" notes that he had written.
I know he has had a crush on a little girl named Angela. He talks about her a lot, and they are "K-Pals" at school.
Apparently, He "luvs" Angela (based on the above note)
He also likes girls (grz)
and he likes another classmate named Alexis.
Bless his little heart.
Daddy had a cute little talk with him about what this all means, etc.

And our Brooke seems so grown-up these days.
She is becoming so independent...saying and doing things that are more "big girl"
Yet, she still cracks us up at times. We never know what we will come into when we enter her room at night. The past two nights in a row, we have encountered sleeping beauty wearing sunglasses while sound asleep.

The one to the left here is from last night.

And that about sums it up...lots of sweet moments to savor this week. And over and over again, I am shown and reminded about God's provision...through the fulfillment of others lifelong dreams and heart's desires
to Him taking care of the smallest details in my own life.
He doesn't miss a beat or spare us any details.
He's just THAT good!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Come up...

This morning's devotion really spoke to me. Oswald Chambers writes about "living up to our highest" and how God will continually say to us, "Friend, go up higher."

He references Revelation 4:1:
"Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this."

And encourages the reader to reflect on one's spiritual history and the ways that God has called you up, to "see from a higher standpoint," and then reminds us to "never let God give us a point of truth that we do not instantly live up to. Always work it out, keep the light of it."

My favorite part (which so goes along with the theme of my blog, my life, and those "nothing" moments that sometimes rear their ugly head) is when Chambers writes:

"Growth in grace is measured not by the fact that you have not gone back, but you have an insight into where you are spiritually; you have heard God say 'Come up higher,' not to you personally, but to the insight of your character."

(so glad He's not finished with me yet.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bless His Little Heart

Brayden has really been enjoying reading and writing. I am so impressed how much he is being taught and learning in kindergarten. It is exciting to watch him blossom and grow. One of my daily prayers for him is that God will give him a mind that is eager to learn. I can't tell you how many notebooks we have gone through of him writing his letters, numbers, notes, sentences, and pictures (often ones dealing with "Pokemon" and "Ben 10" and other little boy wonders).

He can read and write many high frequency words, and is learning how to sound and s-t-r-e-t-c-h out words. Recently, he handed me this piece of paper and told me that he had just written his bedtime prayers. They are the same bedtime prayers I said each night as a child...
"Now I lay me down to sleep...
I pray the Lord my soul to keep (he forgot that part)
God bless Daddy, Mommy, Brayden, Brooke,
Grandpas and Grandmas
everybody I love,

Bless his little heart! (this one is going in his baby book)

Monday, March 23, 2009

An Ordinarily Perfect Day

Our definition of a "perfect" day often changes, depending on the time of year, our current circumstance and the season of life we are in. After a month's worth of busy schedules and a week's worth of sickness...our "perfect" day consisted of NO plans, NO agenda, GOOD health and family downtime, and Saturday was our day!
(minus mommy's meltdown). Here are random glimpses of our day.

The kids agenda: Toys-R-Us! (a real treat. they only go there once or twice a year. my idea would have been the dollar store or target)
Darcy's agenda: Family Christian Book store
My agenda: (quick stop at) Partridge Creek

All three were quickly accomplished before the kids were eager to get home and play with their newly selected toys
(Brayden: Ben 10 Alien Maker;
Brooke: Tinkerbell dress (with missing wings she never knew existed)
Tea Time
"WAR" time
What a great hostess!
Thank you darling, you are such a lady! Brooke's got the camera! (can you tell?)
Not so ladylike
but having fun being "3"

making creatures
(pardon the remnants of bray's bloody nose)
beauty shop time

Hungry Hungry Hippos
a little intermission break to talk to grandpa and grandma
tunnel time

With everyone recovering from sicknesses, we needed to lay low...no gym, no heavy running around and playing...just taking it easy at home.
Dinner consisted of hot dogs, baked cheetos, cottage cheese and
grapes on paper plates (easy prep, easy cleanup)
My kind of meal.
Dessert: Mini ice cream sandwiches
Before we knew it, the day was over. Quiet time book picks:
"Star Wars"
"Polite as a Princess"

a little bit of "in between"
and a little bit of "the good stuff"
didn't take long before our "little miss" was out.

and although still awake...both boys would have agreed that
this was the best place to be (with each other)

Good night.
Mission "Perfect day" : Accomplished

Saturday, March 21, 2009


ready to turn in for the night. tuck in and check on my babies one last time and the guilt hits me like a brick. pretty much a perfect day. nothing planned. family day. no agenda. all feeling a little better. ready to venture out of the house for a bit. spent quality time together.
BUT...at one point i just lost my cool. darcy had run out for a minute. the kids were antagonizing one another. one of them did something they really really know they should not do. and my temper got the best of me. i yelled (screamed), slammed doors, threw something...everything i try to teach my kids not to do when they get angry. i completely let my anger get the best of me and really became out of control. not the mom i desire to be. a different breed all together. this is supposed to be a house of love. a safe place. i am supposed to be a role model, example, blueprint for my children and in one brief moment, i felt like i blew it. i did blow it. really. children remember these things. they model these behaviors. they live what they learn. what am i teaching them? lately, i have felt horrible physically. now I feel better physically, but spiritually not so hot. i look down at my sweet little one sleeping peacefully and i am reminded that it only takes a minute to cause destruction. to cross the line. to lose it. to let satan get a foothold. say/do something you'll regret. and you can't take it back. the damage is done. not trying to beat myself up. i apologized, asked for my child's forgiveness, prayed together, admitted my wrong, pointed out what i should have done instead, a better way to handle anger. but still, wrong choices can haunt you. i feel like i need to keep asking for forgiveness, like my first heartfelt prayer wasn't enough. you know that feeling when your heart feels heavy and you just feel so disappointed in yourself? ashamed? i could easily blame it on the fact that i have been sick and worn down, i am pregnant and hormonal, but where do excuses get me? they only allow me to hide behind what needs to be exposed and confronted. let me never forget that i am sinful and flawed to the core. i am completely and utterly nothing without God in my life. i need his strength, his peace, his direction, him. hungry, i come to him. fill me with all that you are lord. till it overflows and desperately drowns me and all of my nothingness. i can't do this on my own. i am thankful tomorrow is a new day. new mercies. needed mercies. bring them on.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A "Calgon" Moment

A week cooped up in the house with two sick children and a sick mama is beginning to wear on me. Doesn't help that my 3 year old had me up all night, refused to nap today, both kids have been bickering since sunrise and Darc (my relief) is working late.

This afternoon I am just about at my wits end and say:
"Brooke Ryan Schrieber, you are pushing my buttons!"

In which, (with all seriousness) she inquisitively replies:
"What buttons mom?"

"Calgon, take me away!"

I know French!

Brayden this morning: "Mom, I know one word in French."
Me: "You do!? What is it?"
Brayden: "Oui.....It means YES, YES!"

(I'm still giggling about this now)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Wardrobe Change(s)...

Time: Yesterday
Setting: Home
Main Character: Brooke

Brooke has been enjoying the freedom of picking out her own clothes and dressing herself. She has perfected exercising this independence...to the extreme. Yesterday, I decided I would actually keep a record of how many wardrobe changes she indulges in throughout the course of a day.

*Note: This behavior will not be continued for long

8:00am: Outfit 1
8:05am: Outfit 2
8:45am: Outfit 3
10:15am: Outfit 4
Main character is rubbing lotion on her face...
"Mommy, do I look nice and shiny?"
Admiring this ensemble and singing her own lyrics of the Jars of Clay song:
"Dead Man (Carry Me)"
Brooke's version:
"trick or treat...I'm just a bad man lying on the carpet."

10:35am: Outfit 5
INTERMISSION: (lunch and nap)

3:45pm: Outfit 6
5:01pm: Outfit 7
5:29pm: Outfit 8
8:30pm: Outfit 10
(If you are wondering wear Outfit 9 is, we did not miscount, but we do not have a photo of
Outfit 9: original pj's...Let me assure you that these are NOT the pj's Brooke went to bed in...Therefore, making this second pair of pj's Outfit 10. )

Based on the last 2 photos below, one may observe the "open" pj dresser drawer and the other "attempts" at changing her pj's
(failed attempts displayed in a heap on her bedroom floor)The End!

On a sidenote, I must confess that it has been a tough week with at least one child sick each day. Today both kids woke up with fevers and I feel sickness creeping in on me by the hour. I am not sure I can tackle another load of laundry as I have been a living Laundromat for days now. But, despite all of this and a sleepless night of rest...there have already been two perks to my day:

1.) I am loving the sweet and melodic sounds of the birds in the morning. Brayden and I enjoy peeking out the back windows at the robins reacquainting themselves with the softening of the earth beneath them. It's like a whisper in my ear that winter's chapter is closing, spring is beckoning to make its debut, and warmer weather will soon be ushered in.

2.) Darcy snuck out of work this morning and showed up at home with just enough time to say "hello," "goodbye" and to drop off one of my favorite "pick-me-ups"...a classic Starbucks Chai Latte with soy. Instant warmth to the body and soul. Thanks babe; you are too good to me.

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24