Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Food Stasher...

Well, a few weeks back I wrote about my notorious "Food Bandit." It appears that we have a "Food Stasher" as well. Yesterday, Brayden's teacher sent home a little note that said:

"F.Y.I...Brayden has been hiding his sandwich for lunch in the classroom. I usually don't find it until the end of the day. It is back in his lunchbox today."

Where was it hidden yesterday? Under the sand table! You'd think I was sending him to school with liverwurst or something. It's a PB&J! He is not really a fan of them...but only gets them a couple of times a week. I tried cutting them with a train-shaped sandwich cutter to make them more appealing, but apparently the novelty wore off and this approach obviously needs to be caboosed.

What's going on with my children stealing and stashing food?

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