Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I know I already blogged today, but I am just overcome with so much emotion this afternoon. I had a Doctor's appointment this morning. Darcy and Brooke came along. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat...me for the second time, Darcy for the first time. Baby sounds healthy and strong. I loved Darcy's reaction when hearing the precious "swoosh swoosh" for the first time. His face conveyed so much...joy, pride, love, excitement...and in that moment sparked an instant connection between the two of us. A bond that requires no words to understand. I keep thinking about it...Dreaming about this baby and our future family. I choke up thinking about it all and just can't wait to meet this little life. Even the third time around, the miracle, awe and thrill of it all is as present and strong as it was the first time. It's moments like these when all other things in life cease to matter...troubles, frustrations, doubts. I am on cloud 9.

Baby's heartbeat was in the 140's. At 14 weeks with Brayden it was in the 150's...and 14 weeks with Brooke it was 168. Could it be a boy? We'll find out April 6th...


  1. I LOVE to hear about the baby! So, I cannot imagine how it feels being on that side of the pregnancy. I would not trade the way my girls came to us for the world, but I must say I would love to experience it on that end!

    Thanks for sharing the experience!

  2. Precious! I'm thanking the Giver of Life for this new life within you!

  3. Love that feeling and I love hearing you tell your experience of that feeling. You capture it so well.

    Funny thing about fetal heartbeats. Kaylee's was always low- 138-ish. So the nurses were convinced she was a boy. Nate's were always high- in the 168 range. And Max's of course were right in the middle of them but closer to the lower end. So I put no stock in them. Its fun to guess at the gender but I'm glad you are finding out on April 6!

  4. Beautifully said! Pregnancy is the most beautiful gift I have ever experienced! And I hope to again some day! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!