Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday Boy

With little money and lots of love in my house growing up, we always had wonderful birthdays and felt special and loved the whole day through. Friday was Darcy's birthday...a great reason to love on him and remind him how special he is to our family. We love celebrating birthdays in our home, and had a busy, fun-filled weekend ahead of us.
Earlier last week I was flipping through the pages of an old book I had come across and nestled neatly between the covers I discovered a love letter I had written to Darcy 10 years ago. It was titled "Random Reasons Why I think You Are Amazing!" I read through the list and chuckled at the naivete of some of my chosen words..."handsome" making the list more than once or twice. But I was struck by the fact that I still felt the same way as I did so long ago. Today I still agree with all of the random reasons why I loved this man then...if anything, the depth of those reasons has only deepened with more substance and conviction over the last 10 years. And, there are so many more "amazing" things I would add to this list today, including godly, inspiring, leader and many other words that reflect the condition of his heart and the spiritual growth that has taken place throughout our years together.

I am proud of and dearly love the man that God has shaped him to be- a man that continues and strives to grow and better himself...a man who loves me so well (better than I deserve)...who selflessly provides for our a wonderful father and role model to our children, and is easy to please...a man who is gentle, tender, strong, simple, ambitious, driven and true...who yearns to follow and know God and to make a difference in the lives of those around him...a man of character and integrity...a light to a dark world.

Happy Birthday to MY Birthday best friend, soul mate, partner for life, the other half that makes me whole, my perfect match. You give my heart wings.
Daddy had to work on his birthday, but before he left in the morning, Brayden was able to give him his card and even managed to "find" and wrap daddy a last minute birthday present all by himself.
Below you can see the gently used pencil sharpener that Brayden wrapped and gave to even came with pencil shavings in it already. Daddy loved it and thought it would be a nice thing for the both of them to share. Brayden agreed.

Brooke colored Daddy's birthday card and envelope herself as well.
She even picked the card out herself, can you tell?
and proudly drew inside
While Daddy was at work, Brookie and I had this brilliant idea that didn't turn out so brilliant after all. We decided we would bake Daddy a cookie cake and take it up to his work. After it baked in the oven, I went to take it out and the flimsy disposable pan decided to leave my hands and found it's way upside down on the floor! This is the photo I texted to Darcy with the caption:
"Here is the cake Brooke and I were going to bring up to work. Oops! The floor ate it!"

As soon as it happened, Brooke looked at me with fear and wide-eyes and I just broke out laughing...I said "Honey, sometimes when accidents happen, all you can do is laugh!" And she said "Yep, and sometimes you have to say 'sorry'!"
Then she looked down at the cake again and said..."did it turn to poo-poo?"
The kids couldn't wait for Darcy to come home from work so that he could open his presents. All day Brooke kept saying "I'm so excited Daddy's birthday can come up!"
Beloved boxers
Sensational swim trunks
A wonderful watch
We were blessed to have Uncle Dayce, Aunt Tannia and Gabriel over that night for dinner and cake and a sleepover. On the dinner menu: Pork Tenderloin Satay with Sesame Dipping Sauce, Rice and Spinach Salad, Lemon Mint Asiago Salad, Sweet potato fries, and Roasted cauliflower and vegetables.
And what's a birthday without your favorite cake?
(Darcy's is butterscotch...Brooke picked the Diego decorations)

Time to blow out the candles...
After dinner and cake we headed up to Grandpa's school to attempt to catch a basketball game. We missed the game, but the kids still had fun...especially after the gym cleared out and they had it all to themselves.

Overall, it was a fun-packed weekend. I hope Darcy felt special and loved.
Happy Birthday Handsome!


  1. What a fun birthday mom/wife you are!!!! Happy (late) Birthday Darcy ... we at the B Manor love ya!!!!!

  2. looks like a wondeful birthday celebration !
    and you need to share recipes for all you made for the yummy dinner !!!!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday, Darcy!! With love from Indiana!!

  4. Oh sweet & precious & beautiful!

    And that dinner looked absolutely AWESOME. Out of curiosity, what is butterscotch cake?...that intrigues me!

    Happy Birthday Darcy