Monday, March 23, 2009

An Ordinarily Perfect Day

Our definition of a "perfect" day often changes, depending on the time of year, our current circumstance and the season of life we are in. After a month's worth of busy schedules and a week's worth of sickness...our "perfect" day consisted of NO plans, NO agenda, GOOD health and family downtime, and Saturday was our day!
(minus mommy's meltdown). Here are random glimpses of our day.

The kids agenda: Toys-R-Us! (a real treat. they only go there once or twice a year. my idea would have been the dollar store or target)
Darcy's agenda: Family Christian Book store
My agenda: (quick stop at) Partridge Creek

All three were quickly accomplished before the kids were eager to get home and play with their newly selected toys
(Brayden: Ben 10 Alien Maker;
Brooke: Tinkerbell dress (with missing wings she never knew existed)
Tea Time
"WAR" time
What a great hostess!
Thank you darling, you are such a lady! Brooke's got the camera! (can you tell?)
Not so ladylike
but having fun being "3"

making creatures
(pardon the remnants of bray's bloody nose)
beauty shop time

Hungry Hungry Hippos
a little intermission break to talk to grandpa and grandma
tunnel time

With everyone recovering from sicknesses, we needed to lay gym, no heavy running around and playing...just taking it easy at home.
Dinner consisted of hot dogs, baked cheetos, cottage cheese and
grapes on paper plates (easy prep, easy cleanup)
My kind of meal.
Dessert: Mini ice cream sandwiches
Before we knew it, the day was over. Quiet time book picks:
"Star Wars"
"Polite as a Princess"

a little bit of "in between"
and a little bit of "the good stuff"
didn't take long before our "little miss" was out.

and although still awake...both boys would have agreed that
this was the best place to be (with each other)

Good night.
Mission "Perfect day" : Accomplished


  1. That is wahta I would call a perfect day ... what a sweet memory. Love it:)

  2. Why don't we have more of those days? Anyway, think the pic of Darcy and Bray awake with each other is one of your best yet!

  3. I love Hungry Hungry Hippo! What a beautiful day you had with your family, in the safety of your home which is filled with so much love. Those are some of my favorite days and yet they are far and few between. Instead I always feel the need to being doing "stuff" or out and about, leaving me sometimes feeling exhausted. Thanks for sharing your day and reminding me to take those days more often!

  4. Just lovely! I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday in March!

  5. that was ridiculously cute. especially the pic of brayden when he is talking on the phone with the G-parnets. lol. :D