Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Wardrobe Change(s)...

Time: Yesterday
Setting: Home
Main Character: Brooke

Brooke has been enjoying the freedom of picking out her own clothes and dressing herself. She has perfected exercising this the extreme. Yesterday, I decided I would actually keep a record of how many wardrobe changes she indulges in throughout the course of a day.

*Note: This behavior will not be continued for long

8:00am: Outfit 1
8:05am: Outfit 2
8:45am: Outfit 3
10:15am: Outfit 4
Main character is rubbing lotion on her face...
"Mommy, do I look nice and shiny?"
Admiring this ensemble and singing her own lyrics of the Jars of Clay song:
"Dead Man (Carry Me)"
Brooke's version:
"trick or treat...I'm just a bad man lying on the carpet."

10:35am: Outfit 5
INTERMISSION: (lunch and nap)

3:45pm: Outfit 6
5:01pm: Outfit 7
5:29pm: Outfit 8
8:30pm: Outfit 10
(If you are wondering wear Outfit 9 is, we did not miscount, but we do not have a photo of
Outfit 9: original pj's...Let me assure you that these are NOT the pj's Brooke went to bed in...Therefore, making this second pair of pj's Outfit 10. )

Based on the last 2 photos below, one may observe the "open" pj dresser drawer and the other "attempts" at changing her pj's
(failed attempts displayed in a heap on her bedroom floor)The End!

On a sidenote, I must confess that it has been a tough week with at least one child sick each day. Today both kids woke up with fevers and I feel sickness creeping in on me by the hour. I am not sure I can tackle another load of laundry as I have been a living Laundromat for days now. But, despite all of this and a sleepless night of rest...there have already been two perks to my day:

1.) I am loving the sweet and melodic sounds of the birds in the morning. Brayden and I enjoy peeking out the back windows at the robins reacquainting themselves with the softening of the earth beneath them. It's like a whisper in my ear that winter's chapter is closing, spring is beckoning to make its debut, and warmer weather will soon be ushered in.

2.) Darcy snuck out of work this morning and showed up at home with just enough time to say "hello," "goodbye" and to drop off one of my favorite "pick-me-ups"...a classic Starbucks Chai Latte with soy. Instant warmth to the body and soul. Thanks babe; you are too good to me.

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24


  1. A - WOW, Brookie is a busy lady. Must be training for her on stint as a SuperModel and all of the backstage quickchanges!!!

    B - I am so sorry you are all sick. I missed you this morning and was afraid that it would be 'cause y'all were sick :(

    C - Your words are so poetic - you ROCK!!!!!

    D - Now THAT is a good man!!!


  2. Brooke is growing up. She looks like a big girl in some of her pictures. Rae does this all the time. Love the fashion statement, don't like the clean up.