Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Moments to Savor

I have been itching to get online to blog and catch up with everyone, but there has been so much on my plate lately, that online fun has had to take the backseat. I feel like I have some catching up to do, so let me rewind a bit....Ahhhh...many sweet moments to savor over the past 5 days. I'll begin with last Friday. Darcy called me up in the morning and asked if I wanted to go out on a date with him. It had been a really long time since we had carved out the time to do this, so I was very excited...excited all day long looking forward to our time together.
We went to Partridge Creek and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at Brio. (The only thing missing was a fine glass of red wine.) But overall we enjoyed good food and good conversation.
After dinner, we shopped around a bit (well, we made it to one store)...but we found exactly what Darcy was looking for- a bright colored zip-up hoodie (on the clearance rack too!) and I found a cute blouse (not on sale) but I used a giftcard I had been saving to purchase it.
After our little shopping expedition, we caught a movie- complete with my last minute, unusual, but instant craving for a SLURPEE. I enjoyed the entire thing, and once I finished, I looked at Darcy and said "I think I got it all!" and he said "Yep, and I heard every luscious minute of it!"
I should add that Friday afternoon began with a great report home from Brayden's teacher (see above). I have been wanting to update everyone on his progress, especially since so many have prayed for him since the beginning of the school year. I think I haven't wanted to "jinx" myself, but know the importance of sharing and updating everyone. Overall, Brayden is excelling academically and has made great strides in his overall behavior at school. Sure, we have our off days, but in general, he has been doing really well since our "first of the school year" struggles. And, I should note that we have not had one "accident" since my whole "losing it at the library" day. Overall, I am very very proud of this little man.
And, Monday we had a Doctor's appointment. I am 18 weeks and me and baby look/sound great. Loved hearing that heartbeat again...it was 138 this time. We find out the sex of the baby next week and I can hardly wait for the day to come!
(not the best photo of me in general, but a decent overall view of baby bump)
Plus...I recently picked up swimming and on Sunday I swam my first mile!
I am feeling great these days.

Brayden came home from school yesterday with a bunch of what his teacher called "Love/Like" notes that he had written.
I know he has had a crush on a little girl named Angela. He talks about her a lot, and they are "K-Pals" at school.
Apparently, He "luvs" Angela (based on the above note)
He also likes girls (grz)
and he likes another classmate named Alexis.
Bless his little heart.
Daddy had a cute little talk with him about what this all means, etc.

And our Brooke seems so grown-up these days.
She is becoming so independent...saying and doing things that are more "big girl"
Yet, she still cracks us up at times. We never know what we will come into when we enter her room at night. The past two nights in a row, we have encountered sleeping beauty wearing sunglasses while sound asleep.

The one to the left here is from last night.

And that about sums it up...lots of sweet moments to savor this week. And over and over again, I am shown and reminded about God's provision...through the fulfillment of others lifelong dreams and heart's desires
to Him taking care of the smallest details in my own life.
He doesn't miss a beat or spare us any details.
He's just THAT good!


  1. LOL about the slurpee...pure bliss! :)

  2. I just have to ask - could you POSSIBLY be any more beautiful? Because I seriously think NOT!!!

    Way to go Brayden!!! Keep it up Dude!

    Brookie is SUCH the little diva girl! Love it!

    WOW, I just LOVE your little family ... cannot wait to meet the newest member!

  3. Okay, maybe I'm just overtired, but I am simply helplessly laughing all through this post. From Darcy's one liner about every last drop to those pictures of Brooke sleeping in the sunglasses! Soooooo funny! Now I can go to bed in peace after a good laugh!

    by the way, i LOVE the baby bump & can't wait for the 6th!

  4. ha! hi mrs. amanda i found your blogg! exciting.! its megan kania by the way! :)