Friday, April 24, 2009

Disneyworld- Part 1 (Magic Kingdom & Epcot)

As soon as we got inside Magic Kingdom we caught a "Storytime with Belle" show.
Brayden was pulled from the audience onto stage and got to play a small little role in the play.
He was the Candlestick from "Beauty and the Beast." Very cute!

We park hopped every day, so these photos reflect several different days we spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

We took a train ride to ToonsTown one morning...
Brooke got to meet all the princesses.
We took several photos there which I will share
for another day.
The kids LOVED Splash Mountain!
It was by far one of their favorite rides.

Pirates of the Caribbean
My little Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sparrow

One day Brooke had an appointment at the
"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" in Cinderella's Castle.
She had her hair, nails and makeup done by a Fairy Godmother.
I will put together a slide show of these photos
for another day as well.
It was an enchanting experience.

At our restaurant later that night, someone told Brooke she looked just like which she replied "No, I AM Cinderella!"

Frozen Lemonades were one of our favorite mid-day treats!
Yeah! Grandpa's back! We had a sit-down dinner this evening,
and watched the fireworks from the outdoor patio of
our restaurant. It was quiet and quaint and we had the whole area to ourselves.

(this is what happens when you ask another tourist to take your photo)

By the end of one of our first night at Magic Kingdom (see below), the kids were out!
They missed the entire parade.
Brayden was eating popcorn while sleeping!
Note: His hand is still in his popcorn.
Thankfully, we caught the Magic Kingdom's night parade on
two other occasions and the kids stayed awake both times.

What fun!


  1. I just gotta whine a little ...

    Ooooohhhhhhh, Iiiiiiiiii wwwwannnnaaaaa gooooooo...

  2. Great pictures!! Looks like you guys had a great time. And its nice to see pictures of Darcy's Dad looking well.

  3. It looks like you all had a WONDERFUL time!!! I am so glad to hear your father-in-law is doing much better. Isn't Disney fun?! That is where I got engaged...right after watching the fireworks at night at Magic Kingdom. That place is magical! We are taking a trip to Orlando this summer though we haven't decided which parks we are going to do yet. It looks like you guys did all the parks!!! What magical pictures:)