Friday, April 24, 2009

Disneyworld-Part 4 (Our Resort)

Here are a few shots of the family enjoying the pools at our resort (The All Star Movies Resort). We stayed in a section that was themed from the "101 Dalmatians" movie. There were 2 pools, one was themed after the movie "Fantasia" and I think the other kiddie pool was themed after the movie "Mighty Ducks." We went to the parks everyday and tried to squeeze in pool time too...even on our one rainy day.

Inspired by "Ariel," Brooke (shy in water) decided she wanted to swim by herself. This was a shock coming from a little girl who didn't even like to float by herself in a life jacket unless she could touch the bottom of a pool. By the end of our vacation she was a little underwater mermaid.

This is pretty much how every night ended...with a crash!
I woke up at 5am one morning and found the kids this way. Despite my grogginess I couldn't resist taking a photo of Brayden using his sister as a pillow (her tummy sure is soft). The funny thing is she didn't seem to mind.


  1. I am so glad you ended up having some fun! And how supermodel-stinkin-ADORABLE are you in your suit with baby girl in your tumm? I just love you all so very much!

    And, hello!?! Was that grandpa Dennis in the pool too? WOW!

  2. Grandpa in the pool (that happened the morning of his heart attack; less than an hour prior to it)

  3. Whew, that was great. I can't believe you fit that all in with all that was going on. Great pics. Love the one of Brayden eating popcorn while sleeping.

  4. ADORABLE!! Love the last pics of bro and sis snuggling - those are priceless. I look foward to those days now that we will have on of each:)
    So glad you all are home safe and sound.