Monday, April 6, 2009

paper dolls,
bubble baths,
butterfly kisses,
tiaras for hats.
make believe,
tea parties divine,
sparkle and shine.
pink painted nails,
pretty little toes,
ribbons and braids,
dress-up clothes.
fairy tales,
dances and twirls.
oh what love...
another GIRL!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About it!

Headline: "Husband and Wife Had to Pinch Themselves When
They Heard the News!" Mommy gets all teary-eyed every time I look at your pictures.
Even the ultrasound tech said you were "photogenic" sweet little toes
(I wonder if they'll be long and skinny like Mommy's)
They said you looked great...
measuring normal, with a "perfect heart"
and a "perfect weight" (10 ounces)
I can't stop thinking about you and have completely
fallen in love
"Every good and perfect gift is from above."

I asked Brayden if he was happy to be having a baby sister.
He quietly said "yes."
I asked him if he wished it was a baby brother instead...
He said,
"No, I'm happy. I'm thankful for this day that the Lord has made."
I couldn't agree more.

We love you Baby Girl!

"Once upon a time" you were a far away dream...
that is now becoming our "happily ever after."


  1. YAY!!! Sweet Baby Girl, I cannot wait to meet you!!!

  2. Yeah! Another exciting! The ultrasound pics came out great and I'm so glad that baby S. cooperated! :)

  3. How exciting!

    I missed you this weekend! :)

  4. Aaaaaah! A GIRL! So thrilled for your sweet family. What a darling child already! She is perfect! We love you & can't wait to meet this sweet baby GIRL!!!

  5. Amanda,
    This post is so beautiful. Your beautiful baby girl will be so lucky to have your love documented when she is older. I am teary eyed and I am never teary eyed. Congrats on your blessing!

  6. Congratulations everyone! How exciting!

  7. Aron thinks I'm crazy, but I think her profile looks like Brookie!

  8. Congratulations! We are so happy for all of you. Love Brayden's answer!