Friday, May 1, 2009

Curious Little Picasso

Lately Brooke has been becoming really curious about upper female anatomy. A while ago while shopping at Walmart, we passed the panty/underwear section and Brooke begged me for a bra. I told her she didn't need one, but when she got older she would get boobies and we would get one for her then. She then said "Well how about a little bra now?" Last week she was taking plastic Easter eggs and putting them down her dress top...and now she is beginning to draw her latest subject of curiosity...Below is a picture Brooke drew of herself and I:
Here's a closer look:
I say she's a little Picasso because her artwork is a bit abstract. Mommy's smaller than Brooke in overall size, and my boobies are on my face!
(Darcy says "at least they're up." Better up than down, right?) :)

Yesterday I took the kids to Pizza Hut to redeem their "free personal pan pizzas" (From school reading contest) and Brooke looked at a pre-adolescent girl and began to study her. She said "that girl has big boobies...Oh, no she doesn't, but I can see her circles!"

This is all new to me. Brayden seems oblivious to any male or female anatomy. Brooke is very observant and curious. Is this normal? I think it's pretty cute.

And on a side note (since we are on this subject), while vacationing in Florida I overheard Brayden and Brooke talking while getting their bathing suits on. See, Darcy has said in the past that girls have "boobs" and boys have "pecks." Brayden was trying to talk to Brooke about this and was struggling to find the right words. He said "Girls have boobies, I don't"...(and he looked down at his chest, pointed and said) "I have pimples."


  1. oh, wait until she learns that you used to use Leggs (pantyhose) containers!! When she does finally need her own bra, make sure it "works" -- can't have them drooping off to the side.

  2. Ok...well, I guess I'm not too concerned b/c I turned out fairly normal after all :)

  3. lol..oh that is too adorable. You must, must show this to them when they are grown!! They will die!

    And I agree with Darcy..much better that 'they' are up than down:)

  4. My favorite is Brayden's line, "I have pimples!" Too funny!