Monday, May 18, 2009

A Divine Detour

I'm so excited I can hardly put my thoughts into words right now. After school today I took Brayden and Brooke to the park. There was a lot of construction and we had to make a little detour to get there. On the way home, I was talking to the kids about construction workers and how they have important jobs that are also dangerous. Brayden said "Well, that's OK if they die because they will go to heaven with God." And this led us into a conversation (at a 5 and a half year old's level) about how not everyone goes to heaven when they die.

I told Brayden that if you want to go to heaven when you die you have to believe and accept that Jesus is your Savior and that some people don't believe this and they don't love Jesus. He said, "But I love Jesus." We talked about what it meant to be saved...admitting we are sinners (and make mistakes) and that we need Jesus to save us from these sins...How God sent His Son for us- for just this purpose because He loves us so much...and how we need to ask Jesus to come into our hearts, to be our Savior, and tell Him that we love Him and want to follow Him and live our life for Him, etc. Brayden voluntarily said he wanted to do this. I know, it shocked me too. As a parent, I've been praying for my children's salvation, but I wasn't expecting this conversation as I was driving the car. However, I wanted to seize the moment and so we prayed together right then and there. I am not sure exactly how much he grasps and understands this...but I know this little boy believes in Jesus and loves Him as much as his heart can right now. Darcy talked to him on the phone afterwards and there seems to be understanding of the choice he just made because he was able to tell his daddy about it. I pray that this love and understanding just deepens and grows as he does.

For once in my life, I am actually thankful for construction and the opportunity it led to such a divine detour.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!


  1. I am TOTALLY stinkin bawlin right here in my kithen!! LOVE him. Love HIM. And love YOU!!!

  2. It is what life is all about J! It is a wonderful thing. "Suffer not the little children to come unto me"..... God has told us that such is the Kingdom of God. No matter where Brayden's life takes it he can never out sin God's love for him, nor can he take away his salvation because he doesn't want it anymore. He's God's for all eternity now! Praises, Praises, Praises...... And the devil has lost another soul!!!!!

  3. Wow, such a big and right decision for a little guy. Sad thing that kids have it all figured out and some adults just can't. PTL

  4. OH MY! I'm in tears...beautiful! Welcome to the family, Brayden!!!