Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Perfect Glass

Growing up in the country, we lived off of unsweetened sun tea freshly brewed on our back porch...It is the perfect drink to quench one's thirst. I love drinking out of mason jars, and when I saw these mason jar glasses at Sur La Table, they reminded me of home...of hot summer days in a non-airconditioned farm house where cold ice tea served as our bodies individual AC unit. I eyed them for a while, and then purchased them for my mom for Mother's Day this year...I liked them so much that I turned around and asked for them for myself for Mother's Day.

I drink a lot of water to begin with, but since I have had these glasses, I cannot drink enough water! Not that I am a glass/cup/mug snob, but the cup just has to feel right, ya know? This one wins the blue ribbon; it truly is the perfect glass. I used them as vases for fresh flowers for Brooke's birthday party too...splendid and multi-functional.

And, if you are interested in finding the perfect glass, or consuming more daily water, you may want to seriously consider purchasing these fine glasses for your own home. And here is a little tip...avoid Partridge Creek, because I saw them last week at Garden Ridge for half the price ($1.50)! I bought a couple extra, brought them home, and they are identical to the ones sold at Sur La Table ($3.00).



  1. I so much enjoy your blog!!!! you must live close to Kimberly and Christopher she shops at the same stores in Mt.Clemons

  2. $1.50 - Sah-weet!!! Is Garden Ridge that place you have to be a member to get into? That might make em a tad bit more expensive, but I love em!!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mason jar drinking glasses -- they are not designed for HOT (i think they mean boiling) liquids or home canning, but my morning coffee tastes great in them. You are right about getting the right feel. These are PERFECT.
    Love, Mama Jo

  4. I suddenly feel the need to go have a big glass of ice water.