Friday, June 5, 2009

Happiness is Dancing

Brookie had her first dance recital this past weekend. She began dance in September with a company called "Happiness is Dancing." She had dance lessons once a week for an hour where they practiced 20 minutes of tap, 20 minutes of ballet, and 20 minutes of acrobatics. She really enjoyed her first year of dance.
Her First TAP Performance: "The Pretzel Twist"
(BFF Marissa is on the leftside of Brooke...they were so cute to watch)

Her First ACROBATIC Performance: "The Tiki Tiki Room"
This was definitely her favorite...she is constantly doing handstands, cartwheels and somersaults around the house. She loved this portion of much we signed her up for gymnastics this summer.
Great shot of Brookie doing a handstand
(courtesy of amanda c. )

Her First BALLET Performance: "Fly to Your Heart"
(from the Tinkerbell movie)

If you have read Amanda Conkey's blog, you'll understand this picture below...
Sami (far left) was so darn cute....but I must admit, even I wanted to go sweep her off the stage to rescue her.

And here comes OUR little STAR of the DAY!
Flowers from Grammy Jo

Brookie and her Grammy Jo
Brookie and her Grandpa and Grandma
Brookie and Auntie Em
Our Dancing Queen
Cousins: Brayden, Wyatt, Brooke, and Natalie
Since we had family in town, we decided to have a BBQ after the recital. We went back to Grandpa and Grandma's house and enjoyed some good food and downtime as a family.

These plastic cups/glasses reminded us of the "Golden Girls" Era...
so we had to take a photo on the wicker furniture
(My Mom, Sister Em, and I)
(AKA: Sophia, Rose and Blanche...we missed you Dorothy/Bear)
(This show was "off limits" at home...
Dad, if you are reading this...I "promise" I didn't watch any episodes while living at home...)
Outdoor fun

(any reason is a good reason for a Costco cake!)

Brooke, Aidan, Natalie, Wyatt, Brayden, Abigail, and Jackson
being "Carter girls"
Brookie and her Papa

Dana and Abby
Dennis and Abby
Another fun-filled day...always good to be
with the ones you love.


  1. How fun!!! I especially love the "carter girls shot"! That would totally have been me when I was a "morgan girl"!!

  2. ok the carter girl shot totally took me back to at our old house when we put on a dance for everyone in our swimsuits and slips over top with headhands and jewelry during a reunion. oh i will have to try and locate that pic :)

  3. What a lovely little dancer, and an awesome way to end the night with family. Absolutely precious!

  4. Love your little dancer! It looks like she really enjoyed herself. That is a very impressive handstand!!