Monday, July 6, 2009

Family, Friends, Fun and the Fourth these first two pictures don't quite paint the picture that we had any fun over the fourth of July weekend, but let me assure you...we did!
Last week we got to spend 5 days in Lexington with friends (slide show to come soon). While there, Brooke fell off of a stool in a gift shop downtown and hit the corner of a table. Not even 15 minutes later she climbed onto a bench outside in a courtyard and fell off of that too. If people didn't know us, they may surely think we beat our children. Not too long ago Brayden was the one sportin' the black eye.
Many people have thought she had a tattoo on her cheek. Poor little thing!
But, it's nothing that pretty nails can't fix!
Brooke chose pink with blue sparkles and painted them all by herself!
Good job girlfriend.
Mommy chose "Perky Purple" is certain to perk up any mood.
And the kids enjoyed playing outside a lot this weekend.
Here are a couple of photos of the playset now that it has been stained.

Darcy has been working really hard on getting the basement finished at Grandpa and Grandma's we have spent a lot of time there this summer.
Grandpa and Grandma have Wii...
our newest game: Mario Kart
Brayden is enjoying this. He likes to be "Moo-igi" (AKA: Luigi)
Friday night we took out the firepit and enjoyed smores and sparklers in our own backyard.
(Brayden, with shirt off, fell onto the firepit cover before any fire was built and scraped his chest...more evidence we beat our children :)

Yes! Summer is finally here!
On the fourth, we took the boat out on Lake St. Clair for the first time this year.
We've definitely gotten a late start on summer.
The kids were so excited to be back on the water.
Our plan was to stay out there and watch the fireworks over the water that night.
But the weather wasn't was pretty overcast and the water was really rocky.
So much that I was feeling sea sick in the cabin
(Brooke's favorite place to be)
But we stayed on the water long enough to fish
and enjoy the fresh water breeze and the glimpses of sunshine that occasionally made their way through the clouds,
have a pizza dinner,
and enjoy some quiet time as a family.

Catchin the big one!

After our time on the boat, we headed off to Stoney Creek to watch the fireworks.
We caught up with the Timm's and the Dexter's and enjoyed our evening there with friends.

Mama and her little man.

Kaylee was a good sport assisting Brooke in her acrobatic moves.
Daddy and Bray enjoying the static-y crackle, fizzle and boom
of the fireworks illuminating the dark sky.
We didn't get home till after midnight. All that fun and fresh air knocked the kids out.
Feeling blessed for family, friends and the freedom we have in this country.
Happy Birthday America!


  1. Great pics - as always. I REALLY need to spend mor etime at - your photo edits are great!

    LOVE the shirt, by the way! And the look on your face pointing to it - to dern beautiful!

  2. I love, love, love picnik too!!!! Thanks for spreading the word...i got my sisters lovin it now too :) But out all those pics, I think I only picniked 3 or 4 of them(brooke's cheek, the playset and the family pic). Sometimes it makes such a difference! It can make a not-so-great/average photographer(me)end up with some decent photos. Love it!