Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Fun Days

I've felt a bit displaced lately. Like I am living in limbo. We aren't moved into my in-laws house yet, but with all of the daily showings we've had in our own home, it hasn't felt much like home. It reminds me of that scripture that describes us as aliens in this world, homesick for heaven. I feel a bit like a stranger in my own home. Trying to keep things meticulously clean and in order...having to vacate the house daily for a potential buyer to come look through it...feels a bit invasive, a bit hard to achieve the level of comfort one should feel in their own home. Can't quite relax or just unwind without the thought in the back of my head that something needs to be cleaned or put away. Having up and down days still...not feeling like much of a conversationalist...don't really feel much like talking at all on certain days. Just 10 minutes ago I ignored the Jehovah's Witnesses at my front door...didn't even answer it...don't have the emotional energy to even go there.

Darcy has been working so hard on getting his parents basement refinished. They had nearly 20 years of stuff and memories in the basement. He has sorted and cleaned and emptied it out...framing is done, insulation is done, plumbing is done, electrical is done...he is now working on hanging drywall. I feel for him because summer is supposed to be his time off...his vacation. And he is spending every spare moment preparing this living space for us. So, when the moments arise where we can spend time together as a family, they are well-needed for all of us. This post has a lot of random photos...captures the past week and some of the necessary downtime we've needed to refresh ourselves and function as a normal family. These times have brought joy to my underlying (yet lingering) state of melancholy.
My days are mixed up...but I think it was Thursday that we took the kids to C.J. Barrymore's.
It was a H-O-T steamy day. We enjoyed a little miniature golf...

The kids loved this bungee-jumping thingespecially Brooke (our little acrobat)

She saw the other kids trying to do backflips in the air and decided she would try too.
We were cracking up because it took her a few tries before she finally made it over.
She was determined.
We (Darcy and kids) enjoyed the go-karts

And the bumper boats...which I don't have photos of because I was riding too. Note: Do not go on bumper boats when 8 months pregnant and wearing a dress. The boats are designed for one to sit and straddle the steering wheel area. Not possible in a dress, and turned sideways with a big tummy does not allow for easy steering.
Belly shot...I feel like most of my tummy shots have always been after I have worked out at the gym. Not always my best look...but I have certainly popped out a lot this month; this photo shows that.
Sunday was a good, friends, family. It was an "up" day for me.
Me and my girl
34 weeks!
(wow, not in workout clothes..and I am showered!)
We've had several backyard "campfires" with the kids.
They love doing this.
This summer has felt very "un-summer-y"
With the sporadic weather and rain earlier this week, we tried finding indoor activities to occupy our time.
(feels more like winter or spring)
On this day, we made cupcakes.

Brayden did most of the decorating and was very proud of his work.

He even wanted to put the cupcakes down to really examine them and admire his fine handiwork.
of course they must be tasted too!
And...yes, 4 year olds still have occasional tantrums.
Brooke was frustrated but determined to put her princess outfit on by herself.
She wanted privacy and was not appreciative of mommy's presence OR the camera
So...i took a few quick shots...(by the way...laughing does not help the matter)
the kids enjoyed bringing out old videos and toys long forgotten.
still pouting...
but not for long.
i love these moments when the kids just laugh and enjoy eachother's company
being silly, being kids
And because of all of the showings, we have been eating out a lot, or making quick fix meals here and there. This night was nice because we actually sat down in our own home for a nice meal together...grilled chicken and veggie kabobs (i could eat this every night).

And what better than to top it off with a little ERMA's
(we asked grandma and grandpa to meet us there)
i don't usually deviate from my normal favorite (vanilla cone with candy crunch sprinkles) but they did have birthday cake frozen was delicious.

Brayden LOVES icecream!!!
After a few bites Brooke was done...she is not much of an icecream lover.
But she sure does love her Papa.
And at home we had another campfire and lit a few sparklers. I had Brooke take off her skirt because it was really long and I didn't want her to trip and fall.
Darcy and I were laughing hysterically when we got a glimpse of her backside.
talk about a major wedgie! didn't seem to phase her a bit.

And that's kinda life over the past few days.


  1. You did pop out this week, baby is really growing now! :) You look so great!

    Good for you and hubby for keeping things as normal as possible for the kiddos right now. They are learning that change is not something to be feared, but a natural part of life.

    Hang in there!

  2. So glad you are savoring these moments...even amidst the pain and unrest of current circumstance. I know exactly what you mean when you describe the underlying yet persistent melancholy. In 'Walking with God' John Eldridge talks about how me must fight for joy. I'm proud of you for fighting in these moments. Though sometimes we grow weary of fighting...and that is okay too. We are praying for you both daily.
    much love,

  3. thanks times i have felt like it is just that "a fight for joy".. a struggle, a choice...but one that i must make. not used to being on this side of the coin. i know the Lord wants me to have that joy and abundant life in Him. in the down moments i know i am being cheated (cheating myself) and can't let the devil get a foothold. still easier said than done. thanks for your prayers...they are coming back your way too. :)