Friday, July 31, 2009

Farewell to the Fish...

It was a sad night for Brayden and Brooke. When we got home this evening, Brayden looked in his fishtank and said "Mom, Mom...come look at Jackie (his beta fish). I think he is stuck!" I brushed him off for a minute, trying to get things settled and the kids ready for bed. Brayden asked again for me to come take a look at Jackie because "he was stuck." That's when Darcy gave me that look, and I knew poor Jackie was beyond stuck, but rather dead. Of course, Brayden tried to convince us that maybe he was just sleeping. But this certainly wasn't the case.

Such reality brought on a stream of tears from both
Brayden and Brooke.
Brayden (bless his little heart), kept crying and saying
"I just don't know what to do."
I understand that level of grief when you feel a bit hopeless and just don't know what to do with yourself or your emotions. Brayden received Jackie as a birthday gift last September from his Grammy Jo.
Here is a photo of Brayden meeting Jackie for the first time :)
And Jackie enjoying his new "pad."
What a beautiful beta.
I had noticed over the past couple of weeks that Jackie had seemed a bit lethargic.
He wasn't swimming around a lot, and there had been a couple of occasions I thought it was the end for him and had to wiggle the tank a bit to see if he'd move. I think he was sick.
(below is our "stuck" jackie)
So tonight we bid our beloved fish goodbye.
A short little ceremony involving toilet heaven, a remembrance candle and a little prayer led by daddy.

You were a good little fish that sure will be missed :)
(And this morning when explaining our series of events to Grandpa and Grandma, Brookie says "Brayden's fish died last night, but we sang Happy Birthday to it.")


  1. Oh, sweet Brookie! Love that innocence. And poor Bray, that stinks :(

  2. Oh, so sorry Jackie got stuck. Losing sweet pets is always so hard. Well, maybe Brooke was thinking it was his birthday in fishy heaven.

  3. I am crying and laughing at the same time...priceless, indeed.

  4. I would like to get Brayden a new fish -- what are your thoughts?

  5. I was wondering last night about that empty fish the mystery is solved. Sorry Bray, but Brooke can bring laughter to anything.

  6. brayden would love a new fish mj