Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun with FLARP!

My kids have never been ones for sleeping in...8am-8:30am is usually the longest they'll sleep (especially early riser). But yesterday we had to wake them up at 10am to get ready for church, and this morning Brayden woke up a few minutes before 10am and Brooke at 10:15!!!

This is what you get with well-rested kids....

Lots of fun with FLARP! (or as brooke calls it "funny putty") It is actually noise putty that creates lovely (bodily) noises when pressed on.

The kids get such a kick out of this. The loudest ones often produce the loudest giggles. This was their $1.00 pick at Target last night.

The joys of summer...lazy mornings full of laughter.
Sure beats rushing around to get out of the house to catch the bus!


  1. Cute! Anything that makes them belly laugh is worth way more than a dollar! My kids are cleaning the litter box at the moment, funny, I don't hear any belly laughing. Have a great day!

  2. That is too funny! And, oh my WORD, Brookie's legs have gotten so stinkin long! WOW!!!!!

  3. Note to self: OK...Flarp loses its "fun-ness" when it gets left on top of bedspreads and you have to tediously pick the goo off! Not just once, but twice (they both did it!!!)Amazing!