Friday, August 14, 2009

dreaming of you...

Well, for quite some time now we've known that we will be leaving our home and moving into my in-laws. With the end of my pregnancy drawing near, my "nesting" instinct has kicked in and my desire to meet our new baby daughter grows stronger every day. Brooke and new baby will be sharing a room at Grandpa and Grandma's. Originally, we intended to move prior to her being born, but now we are hoping to bring her home to our current house for those first few weeks of adjustment, etc. It would be nice to move prior to school starting, but we are not going to stress over deadlines at this point. The approval of the sale of our home is still in the works and there isn't a rush to be moved out just yet. After the scare we had with Darcy, we have decided to take it all one step and one day at a time. I like the idea of bringing her home to familiar surroundings. She will be in a cradle in our bedroom for a little while anyway. In the meantime, we've been gradually putting together the girls' room (I love that this is plural!) at Grandpa and Grandma's. I have thoroughly enjoyed this...makes me eagerly anticipate her arrival and dream about her and our future together as a family.
It was a challenge to find bedding for her because it needed to coordinate with Brooke's current bedding (which is a patch work quilt with some bolder colors, not all soft and pastel as a lot of baby bedding tends to be, but not as bold and "modern" either. Brooke's quilt is a hodgepodge of fabrics dating back baby bedding couldn't be too soft, or too modern). We don't really have a "theme" for the room per se, but Brooke's current bedroom (including her rug) has birds on I've accented the room with some whimsical birds and birdcages as well.
I found this "doll dress" bedding at Land of Nod and fell in love. It is even better in person. The Paper Doll blanket my mom made is draped over the side of the crib and is a perfect compliment.
We painted the walls and brought over some of my old furniture that has been occupying our current spare bedroom. These photos don't do justice to the colors. But it is all very vintage-toned and nice. I am so not a pink person (at all... unless it is hot pink or fuchsia), but somehow these muted shades work for me. Darcy also put in new lighting
(this chandelier casts a really pretty design onto the ceiling when lit)
And on my birthday while visiting an antique store downtown Romeo, I found these old Paper Dolls and postcards (above) and created this to hang on the wall when you first enter the girls' bedroom.this photo was taken almost 2 weeks ago, but it captures a moment of me with my girl(s) in their awaited bedroom
We still have work to be done...we need to put up closet doors, window treatments, adorn the walls, and eventually bring Brooke's things over...but for now, it is nice to go over there and visualize baby's arrival. I am always finding a reason to go peeking upstairs into their bedroom...quietly looking around and dreaming and praying for her.


  1. absolutely lovely, sweetheart! So glad you are finding ways to create and nest...those sisters are going to have such amazing times together sharing a perfectly vintage room. i love it!

  2. I got a peaceful, calm feeling looking at the pictures of the girls''s just lovely!!

  3. I LOVE that room! You are so creative and smart - such a good mommy! Cannot wait to meet that girl! And how Blessed will she be to share a room with her big sister Brooke? Lucky girls!