Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Every girl...

Every girl...

should have one of these!
For my birthday, my lovely sisters and mom went in together and bought me this "vintage wrought iron jewelry stand." It is not really a vintage or antique piece, quite new actually. But I just love it! After I adorned it with some of my jewels, I kept saying to myself "Every woman needs one of these!" I have a jewelry box, but it is overflowing and sometimes it is hard to see all of my pieces. This stand is charming, pretty and functional. The tiered trays swivel and it definitely allows you to see and remember all of your beloved jewels.
(FYI:I am sure you may find these in many stores, but this particular one came from Teen Pottery Barn)

On another note...
Yesterday, Darcy observed Brooke playing with all of her dolls. She lined up her girls on the staircase and began talking with them. Daddy asked her what her babies names were, and EVERY GIRL was named Sarah.
She said, "This is Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and Sarah!" This has been Brookie's favorite name for quite some time now. At first she wanted us to name her baby sister Pepper (Brayden has been preferring Chrysanthemum or Brooklyn.) But for the past couple of months, Brooke keeps insisting on naming her Sarah. I love the name, it's my sister's...but that isn't baby's chosen name. I couldn't possibly name my little girl after just one sister. At one point Darcy and I liked "Emarah" (a combination of both of my sisters names: Emily and Sarah). But this little one's name begins with a "B" and will be revealed within the next 13 days...
for every girl and everyone to know!


  1. Teasers are NOT NICE!!!!! I wanna know her name!

    PS - love the jewel holder! I WANT ONE!

  2. agreed...every girl needs one of those! I've added one to my wish list!
    And I cannot believe its only 13 days away! I'm slightly jealous you at least have a definite time frame and can count down the days...I feel like I am on pause just waiting, waiting, waiting...who knows when he will come!! But soooooo excited that by August 25 we will all see beautiful B.'s face & call her by her true name!
    much love

  3. Just tell Brooke that you are saving Sarah for her to use for her own first daughter. :) I planned on using "Kay" for my first daughter since before 5th grade.

    I'm looking forward to meeting little "B" and learning her name.

  4. I really like the earring holder too! I was just thinking earlier this week what a mess my earrings are.

    We're partial to "B" names too...can't wait to hear the one you've chosen!