Tuesday, August 18, 2009

nesting frenzy

In the midst of my nesting frenzy yesterday I came across a scrapbook filled with many childhood photos of me. I previously remember mentioning that I thought there was a photo of me on my 4th birthday with a doll cake (similar to the cake I made Brooke for her birthday this year). Well, here it is! A little blurry, but that's the cake...and that's me with the blue dress and wide smile.
How ironic that it happened to be my 4th birthday too.

I also came across this photo of me (in pink) and some of the neighborhood girls playing dressup. We didn't have "princess dresses" and costumes back then...We just raided our mommy's closets. Guess Brookie's not so different from her Mama afterall. (I especially love the wicked witch of the west shoes I am wearing.)
And, now we all know that Brooke's pa-donka-donk (as daddy calls it) came straight from her mama too....along with the extra long coin slot. Lovely.

And my OH my... Yes, a nesting frenzy I have been on! Yesterday I felt a sudden compulsive urge and need to clean and organize. Why this is hitting me a week before baby is scheduled to arrive is beyond me...Well, I know it is all part of the pregnancy hormones, etc....but it makes me wish I would have started "many-a-projects-many-a-months-ago."
I am still trying to figure out why I felt the need to open up and clean out a trunk, two sofa tables, an end table and a coffee table (all of which have not been opened up or cleaned in the last 4 plus years since we've lived in this house). Suddenly, it felt urgent.

I also washed all of the cradle bedding, moses basket bedding, Brooke's old burp cloths, bibs, blankets, newborn clothes, the new hand-me-down clothes, the bouncy seat cover, the swing cover, the baby bathtub, old baby towels, washcloths, cleaned out 3 drawers and 2 baskets to re-store some of these things...and what else did I do yesterday?

We are in the final countdown. She is coming a week from today and I am so very excited. All along I have been telling myself that as soon as she is considered full-term, I want her out! And now I am wanting her to gently cook just a few more days...safe and sound inside the womb. I am so ready for her arrival, and feeling really at peace with having her delivered via the planned cesarean section. Thank you Lord for this peace. I am most certain that this will be our last baby...meaning it is my last pregnancy. So, with that in mind, I want to fully enjoy these last 6 days.
6 more days of experiencing this wonderful miracle of life growing inside of me. 6 more days to feel her squirm and move, to hiccup and kick...
and to wonder about her...
her little sweet face, her personality, her spirit.
it has been sweet wonderment.
We have much to learn about each other...until then, I am pondering these moments, breathing them in and resting in peace.


  1. Girl, I do love the way you write! I cannot wait to meet this little one!

  2. Oh that makes me so happy to hear. Breathe it in...rest in peace...living in the moment...all of these are trust phrases that show a heart that trusts what her father is doing even when circumstances pull for our hearts attention. I am doing the same...I have started to feel a bit panic'd at the the thought that my days to carry this little one are numbered. How did it go so fast!? Cannot WAIT to meet him, but somehow I would also love to freeze time as he gently rests perfectly grown, yet perfectly content to exist within the safety of mom.
    Also LOVED the 'badonka-donk' or however you say that word...pic of you! I assume that means 'bootie'?! If so, brookie and mama both have got it going on in the badonka-donk dept..in a VERY good way. Kinda like Barby...I can't keep my hands off her tush! It was made to be smacked!
    okay..probably way too much info for a public blog, so i will digress!
    much love & cannot wait for what the next few days have in store!

  3. Sounds like baby is almost ready to make her appearance!

    I remember the day that Owen was born, I got up very early and had the sudden urge to pack everyones suitcases, then rewash things that were already clean. Sure enough, my water broke later that morning while doing laundry! We were ready!

  4. Great pictures of you from when you were little!

  5. That one of you in the blue dress looks JUST like Brookie! LOVE it!

  6. Fond memories in those pictures. You were such a sweetheart (still are)!!!