Wednesday, September 30, 2009 month

I'm a bit behind in my posts, correspondences, etc. We've had limited access to the Internet paired with limited time to use the Internet. Brayden had a sleepover birthday party on Friday. I am unable to post his slideshow on my blog...this computer has been doing some strange things...but I did post it on Facebook.
In addition, Berlyn turned one month old on Friday, the 25th.
We had a doctor's appointment that day and she weighed 9lbs.3oz.
(50th%) and is doing well.
She is really trying to smile and has graced us with a few (inconsistently) already. I think she is getting the hang of time we'll get our camera out to capture one.
It's funny at this stage...she looks so different in all of her photos, almost like we have 10 different babies under one roof...But they are all just one sweet Berlyn, developing into her own.
I love this picture of her above. Daddy is talking to her and she is staring at him and listening so intently. It's like her world stops when Daddy gives her attention, everything else pales in comparison to his love.
Brooke cannot get enough of her. She is a great big sister and a great helper.
I think Berlyn is really starting to look like her too. I need to go back to my May 6th post to compare photos of Brookie at this age. I keep meaning to do this because many people have told me they see Brooke in her.
Brooke r-e-a-l-l-y wants to hold Berlyn "by herself," with no pillow, and no help from mommy. She tries to move and prop her up in different positions when she is holding her. Sometimes Berlyn looks like a little ragdoll moving around...but she is so tolerant.
She is beginning to use her hands a lot more...propping them up on her bottle, putting them in her mouth, etc.. I could have sworn she tried swatting a hat off of her head today when I tried putting it on her. She wanted no part of it.
She is so sweet...but I am beginning to believe we are entering a new "high maintenance" phase. It seems we have days when she is so good (while sleeping) :) and then begins to fuss every moment she is awake and is NOT being held. I'm thankful I've done this before and recall that this phase is usually pretty short-lived.
Berlyn loves getting a bath. Her hair gets so wavy when wet...(my wishful hopes that she may have natural curl someday. It does run in Darcy's family).
During those "awake and fussy" periods, I often put Berlyn in this sling. It's helped free me to cook dinner and have a bit more mobility and freedom with my hands.
I think we will try the Moby wrap too, now that I am healing and able to wear it...

Feeling tired but blessed...we are figuring things out together, trying to savor those moments when we let go of life and it's daily struggles and just enjoy being "us"
...the family God created us to be.
More later...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brayden's Birthday

Brayden's 6th birthday was Sunday. Last Friday he was able to bring in treats and celebrate at school. His favorite ice cream is sherbet, so he decided to bring in push-ups for his class.
He said everyone loved them...and "One of my friends even gave me a big hug!"
He also gave each of his classmates a "1st Graders are #1" pencil and a tootsie pop to take home with them.

He had a good day at school, being the "special" person.
On Sunday he woke everyone up at the crack of dawn. He was so excited it was his birthday. First thing in the morning he said to me, "Mommy, this is my first time ever being 6! I am never going to be 5 again. Not even in heaven, right Mom?" Bless his heart...Oh so dear.
Daddy and Mommy splurged and gave him a DS for his birthday. He had been asking for one since before last Christmas.
And since we are now living at my in-laws, he was also one lucky kid to have "extra" presents to open that morning from Grandpa and Grandma (felt a bit like Christmas, I am sure).

Later that afternoon, we had a BBQ and invited some family over. My Mom drove out from Saline...what a nice surprise!
The kids made caramel apples and played together.
(Cousins) Aidan, Brayden and Jackson
Me and my favorite little man.
And Berlyn with both her Grandmas...a great place to be!
I loved watching my Mom with Berlyn...warms my heart.
We ended the day with cake and ice cream...
and Happy Birthday wishes
We love you Bray!
Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Brayden

this song will always remind me of brayden. back when we first decided to get pregnant, i would listen to it in my car over and over and just tear up and cry...dreaming of becoming a mom, having a son, holding him in my arms and watching him grow. i still tear up listening to this song...reminded of all the ways God has given me the desires of my heart. 6 years ago today was one of the best days of my life. happy birthday sweet son...i love you bray!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Berlyn 3 weeks/ Brooke's 1st Day...

Berlyn turned 3 weeks old on Tuesday. She is such a good baby (s0 far) and has been a consistently good sleeper for us.
She is really beginning to listen to our voices and search and study our faces when spoken to. She also is using her hands a lot more...often putting them up near her mouth when trying to give her a bottle. I am always trying to move them so that we can feed her.
She still sleeps a lot, but when awake she seems more and more alert...overall adjusting well to life!

And today was a BIG day for Brookie...
she started her first day of 4 year old preschool at Little Lambs.
She will be going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
She was so excited when she woke up today.
Here she is posing before school.

And once she got to school, she became a bit shy...I tried to continue taking pictures, but this is the smile I kept getting from her :)
A bit artificial...I think it is a mix of nerves and excitement because she gave this same smile when meeting all of the princesses in Disney World this past Spring.
She made the 4 year old Wall of Fame!
(Her own decorated name tag...we need to add her photo to it though...didn't realize we could put one on there).
And I couldn't resist putting this next photo in...I laugh every time I look at it.
Brookie cheerfully playing with Barbies
We attempted another photo together...there is an additional prop (the phone), but a better brookie smile.
Berlyn and I stayed with her the whole time today. Friday will be her real first day. We'll see how she does then. She was a bit apprehensive today and had one mini meltdown while there. With all that's been going on lately, these new living transitions and the new baby, she has been overly sensitive at times.
And since Daddy worked today, he came home with flowers for his special school girl.
When previously asked what kind of flowers she liked, she told Daddy "rainbow!"
Still our baby girl...
Happy 1st day of school Brookie!
We are so proud of you!