Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day of "Firsts"

Yesterday was a day of "firsts" around our home. Brayden had his first day of first grade. I will say it was much easier than sending him off to kindergarten last year. We were all ready for school to start back up and to get back into a fall schedule. Today I really enjoyed spending the day with my girls- and getting some long deserved and overdue one on one time with Brookie. We painted our nails and had a great day together.

However, I must say it has been challenging trying to get a six year old up and ready each morning, along with a 4 year old and a newborn. Berlyn's schedule is still a bit, trying to get out of the house, into the car, and to the bus stop before 8 in the morning has been quite the task.

Brayden was so proud of his Wii MarioKart backpack. It definitely wasn't "Mama style"...I would have opted for Pottery Barn or GAP, but it certainly made his heart smile to pick out his own character backpack. They are only young once and before I know it, he will have outgrown "characters" and I will be missing these days when he was still such an innocent little boy.
On the first day of school, Grandma made sure Brayden got on the school bus OK (the school bus picks him up at their house. Once we move into their home, my mornings will become much easier as I will not have to pack up a newborn and fight morning traffic...I'll just have to send Bray out the front door! Looking forward to that.)
So, while Grandma got Brayden onto the school bus, I drove to his school with Berlyn to greet him off the bus and take him to his classroom. He was a bit can see it in his face below.
The school was a madhouse filled with parents and kids trying to navigate their way into and through the school. (having a stroller didn't make this task easier...but we eventually found our way to Mrs. Querro's classroom)
And there inside the room was one of Brayden's good friends, Lucas!
He and Lucas were in the same kindergarten class last year and rode the same bus. Lucas lives down the street from Grandma, so they also spent time together this summer. And now, they meet again and are only one desk away from each other.
Brayden looked a lot more comfortable and proud once we found his desk and saw some familiar faces. There are at least 6 other kids from his kindergarten class that are now in his first grade class.
Overall, he had a really good first day of first grade!

And as explained in my previous post, we are now supplementing formula for yesterday she had her first bottle. She wasn't so sure about it initially, but is beginning to get the hang of it now.
Daddy was thrilled to be able to feed his girl. I have never produced enough milk to be able to freeze any, so he is really enjoying this time with Berlyn.
And of course big brother Brayden was anxious to feed her as well. He is so gentle and affectionate with her. I love to observe their interactions.
And here Brooke is getting a lesson from Daddy on how to feed Berlyn her bottle. Brooke was interested for a minute - then she was done. :)
I am still nursing along with the formula feeding. She is adjusting- spitting up a lot more...we are flying through burpcloths and bibs (but it is nothing out of the norm...I am used to it from Bray and Brooke's baby days). Feeling good and less stressed knowing my baby is getting what she needs. Had a good talk with my OB/GYN today- who went through the same thing herself. Regardless of where it comes from, there is a level of gratification that comes when I know she has a full tummy and is satisfied. She goes back to the pediatrician in two more weeks. I am eager to see her growth progress between now and then.

Looking forward to a year filled with many more "firsts"...

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