Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last days of summer...

Yesterday was our official last day of summer. We decided to take the family to the Romeo Peach Festival. We usually hit a few fairs a summer...but this happened to be our only one this year (However, I am sure our trip to Disneyworld this past Spring Break made up for that). Both Brayden and Brooke love going on fast rides.
This kids mini roller coaster was fun...but they were still craving faster rides.

Neither one of them was overly impressed with this car ride.
But check out their faces below after getting off one of the fast spinning rides...
Such thrill!

Both kids kept wanting to go on the big kids rides...most they were not tall enough for though.

And what's a fair without a little cotton candy?
Berlyn did really well and slept the whole time.
It was a fun way to end our summer and I can hardly believe that it is over...that Berlyn has been here for 2 weeks, Brooke will soon be starting preschool and dance, and my little guy is starting first grade! Our women's Bible study is beginning Thursday, and I can't wait to regularly get into the Word again. I love fall and I am looking forward to this new season approaching.Darcy must have fall on the brain too because here he is using his new daughter as a football.
She is changing daily. Her hair is getting lighter :( and she is becoming more alert, a little less fragile, and a little more predictable.
The sleep deprivation is beginning to catch up. Sometimes I feel like I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat...
and there are times when that is exactly what happens.
Sleep seems to be one of the things Berlyn does best too...

A tired, but happy, mama of 3,


  1. She is just the sweetest thing! Thank you for letting me get in my baby fix on Sunday!

  2. Oh Amanda she is so precious! I just love her!