Friday, September 11, 2009

little surprises...

The past couple days have been sprinkled with little surprises and things that make me smile. Yesterday morning Darcy stopped by home and brought me this lovely orchid plant (just because). Later that morning I went to our ladies Bible Study kickoff (where I always feel a bit pampered when attending...thank you Becky) And this particular morning I was greeted with one of my favorite pick-me-ups...A Starbucks Chai Latte with Soy (thank you Karen!)

Then I left our study with a yummy crockpot full of beef pot roast, carrots and potatoes in a delicious onion seasoned broth....our dinner for the night (thank you Steve and Becky Jo!) I always appreciate a meal that the entire family will eat, and this was one of them. We have definitely been loved on well by our church family over the past 2 weeks....the visits, phone calls, cards, gifts, meals and encouragement have been appreciated beyond words (now if anyone could just figure out how to giftwrap SLEEP...I will gladly accept that gift!)
These little things not only warm the body...but have also warmed our hearts.
This little one is also warming our hearts...
Berlyn turned 2 weeks old on Tuesday.
And today it made me smile to see Brooke role-playing with her dolls. Here she is nursing her baby. It was cute because at first she was shy about it and asked me if she could "feed her baby from her boobie"...I tried to act very nonchalant and of course gave her my approval. She then told me that her baby "liked it a lot!"
She brought up her doll cradle and high chair from the basement and we played with her babies together this afternoon. I think we have a little mommy on our hands...
we are all adjusting well to this transition in our lives.

much to smile about these days.


  1. I'm glad the pot roast was OK, since I didn't get a chance to taste it after seasoning I was worried about it!

    And that sweet girl warms MY heart too!

  2. Glad you're feeling pampered and well cared for. I love the jammies that Berlyn is wearing...they were one of my favorites on Brynn too.