Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Week Old...

Berlyn turned one week old yesterday. She is such a tiny little thing. It's funny how something so little can fill your heart with so much love.
I know it is still early to tell, but she has been a great baby so far...and I can't stress enough how much I love having a baby in the house again. And the fact that she is ours and we get to keep her warms my soul.
I bought this Moses Basket for $5.00 last year at a Mom-to-Mom sale. It was in perfect condition and it has been wonderful! We place it in her cradle at night and she sleeps in it around the house during the day.
I really am enjoying every moment with her. She has been the easy one...I wasn't anticipating as rough of a recovery for myself. Still a bit immobile and housebound, but I am on the upswing I think. Of course, she makes it all worthwhile.

Brayden and Brooke can't get enough of times they can be a bit smothering. They always want to hold her and kiss her and rub her head, touch her face, talk to her, hold her again...
I feel like we could spend two hour increments doing nothing but feeding, changing, and taking turns with Brayden and Brooke holding her. I think I only showered once before noon this past week.
They both come running into my bedroom in the morning and the first thing they ask and look for us Berlyn. Brayden always covers her up with his "beloved" snuggle and wants to hold her right away. He says to me "I just love her so much." And I can see his little eyes sparkle as he looks down at her. She has quickly become one of the family, like she was always meant to be.
Yesterday morning Brayden was holding her in my bed and said "I think I know why she likes to lay down...because she likes blankets and she likes my snuggle a lot!" That raggedy old snuggle blanket finds it's way around her several times a day.
Brayden then says "She thinks my arm is a pillow. She likes me and she knows me."
(I am often telling the kids to talk to her, let her get to know them and their voices.)
I think she likes you too Bray.
He then said she could have his snuggle...claiming "I don't care if she takes this. I just care about the baby." As she squirms a bit he gently whispers "It's OK baby girl. It's OK baby Berlyn."
And here we have Brayden's snuggle, Brooke's kitty and another little teddy bear that they keep mounting on top of Berlyn. I have had to tell Brooke several times that she needs to keep her Polly Pockets away from the baby. I literally cannot leave Berlyn alone for a second because big brother and big sister (with good intentions) sometimes try to be a little too helpful.
When I was quickly jotting down and doting over Brayden's precious words to his little sister, Brooke notices my reaction and wants some for herself too...She chimes in:
"I love God and I'll always love Him with my super special heart!"
Oh certainly are super and special...and what a heart you have.
I love this photo below. It reminds me of that scene in ET when he is hiding in the closet surrounded by stuffed animals. (the striped kitty is berlyn's...brooke thought it was a good idea to include them all in this photo)
On another note, I'm enjoying watching Darcy with his new daughter. I love hearing him repeatedly say things like "I am so glad she is here." and "I am so glad we have another girl." or "I can't imagine life without her."
Yes, he is smitten and proud.
And so am I. I have not minded the late night feedings and changes...I've actually been enjoying them. It's my time with take care of her needs and peacefully love on her. (Last night she was sleeping in 4 hour stretches!) I actually can't stop myself from staring down at her in awe and wonder. I love these moments of bonding...where she melts and molds into my arms.
I love that she knows I am her mommy. She knows my voice and my smell and calms down when I am near. These moments are precious as we build trust and try to create a safe and loving environment for her...a home, a family she belongs to.
Berlyn Jo...It's only been a week but we love you so.
We are so glad you're here, even though you captured our hearts so long ago.
A very thankful mommy,


  1. Great pictures - all of them, but the profile of you where she is in the light just melts my heart! I am so happy for you all!

    PS - Berlyn, I love you too!

  2. Such a lovely family God has given to sweet baby Berlyn. We are looking forward to meeting her in person.