Friday, October 30, 2009

Wolverine's Halloween Parade and Party

Brayden had his school Halloween Parade and Party on Friday. It has been a very busy week filled with Halloween fun and school activities...and I still haven't posted our actual Trick-or-Treat photos yet from Halloween night.

Brayden dressed as the SuperHero "Wolverine."
Here he is before school Friday morning...
posing while waiting for the school bus.
(it was so dark outside!)
In the above photo, he said "Here, now take a photo of me normal."
The Beck Halloween Parade
(this was very cute to watch...
all the students and staff dressed in costume and marched through for all to enjoy)
We found Brayden! And we also got to see Morgan...
and Nicole...
and Ian...
Brayden again...
with his buddy Lucas
There were some cute creative costumes, I took a couple of photos of some of them
I loved this little French Painter/Artist costume. I think I may try to do this next year (for myself)...Very fun, cheap and easy!
A few more good ones...

(there was actually a "third" to this trio of "Three Amigos"
he must have been hiding)
(this is Napoleon Dynamite- one of Darcy and my favs...
his t-shirt says "Vote for Pedro")
(The Titanic...there was actually another costume that was a girl in an old life preserver with boarding passes on it that said "Titanic"...she had white ghostly paint on her face...a bit morbid and kinda sad if you ask me...but she should have walked next to this girl above)

Punk Rockers
this photo below isn't Halloween's just the wall outside of brayden's classroom...they were displaying "feelings/emotions"...i thought bray's was cute.
Here we have Wolverine decorating his own cookie at his class Halloween Party

Brayden in his "nightmare teeth" (he calls them)
or "H1N1 teeth" (as daddy calls them)

Meet Pinkilicious, Purplicious, and Goldilicious
(Pinkilicious is Brayden's teacher: Ms. Querro...she made all of these costumes...darling, huh?)
And after school, we made our own Halloween cookies at home...
can you guess which ones the kids decorated?
Hint: Look for a pound of frosting and sprinkles on each one)
That's all for now...

Pumpkin Time!

Let me start off with a picture of My Little Pumpkins

We ventured out again as a family this week and picked out pumpkins.
The kids were so well-behaved...being very cooperative and loving toward one another...Even posing and willingly smiling for the camera.

The rest of these photos show our time picking out and later carving pumpkins.
More moments of family fun...

Berlyn slept the whole time...sleepy girl