Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Addicted. In love. Smitten. Endeared. Enchanted. In Awe.
I mentioned before that I love having a baby in the house. While this is still true...I especially love that this baby is our Berlyn.
She lights up my day. Makes everything worthwhile.
And I still can't stop taking pictures of her...really, it's too much. Whoever said the last child ends up being cheated and has fewer photos is wrong...at least for this family.
I love being her Mom.
In this photo below, she is wearing a sweater that my Grandma Carter knitted for me when I was a baby. My mom recently came across it and passed it on to me. How darling is this?
I am a bit of a nostalgic...sentimental in nature, so you can imagine how dear I find this. And, I must admit, the sweater is gorgeous...both in style and color.
A very cool and special gift. I wish I had a photo of me wearing it.
This is such a classic Berlyn face...sucking on that lower lip.
How can you not love her to pieces?
Sometimes my heart feels like it could burst when I look at her.
In these next photos, Berlyn is wearing a sweater dress that was knitted by one of my Grandma Ealy's penpals from England...I think it has been around since my mom was a baby (i need to double check my story).
They certainly do not make clothes like this anymore...such fine handiwork, I feel privileged to have these in my care. The details and lines are impeccable, wonderful, and much appreciated by the eye...even down to the little crystal buttons below the thin trimmed collar...
Just as my days of late have been.


  1. oh my goodness! What treasures...both the sweaters and the darling Little Love you get to cherish every day. I absolutely love the color and detail of both sweaters...and the sentiment behind them is just toooo much! How priceless!
    And that Berlyn is just too precious for words. I don't think you'll have to worry one bit about her having any kind of youngest child syndrome (I'm sure the therapist in you knows the proper terminology for this...I do not!!)...she is cherished to the core...just as it should be.
    Loved this post & all the picts, J. Such a joy to read!

  2. Yes, the peach colored sweater was made by my mom's penpal (Joyce Gold) who lives in England. She also made the white sweater dress with the pale blue trim. I can't remember which one was made for me and which one she made for Becky -- either way -- they are 59 and 60 years old! I'll have to look through my old slides to see if I can come up with a picture of you wearing the aqua sweater made by your Grandma Carter in 1975. Precious BLOG -- thanks for keeping me "connected". Love, Mama Jo

  3. how very cool that you have these treasures to share with your sweet girl! LOVE the pics too!

  4. Such wonderful treasures you have-in both your little one and in the hand-made clothing. Happy 2 months, Berlyn!