Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comfort in a Couch...

Tuesday night we were blessed with the help of these four men, great friends, to help us move some of our furniture into my in-laws home. All summer long Darcy worked on finishing his folks' basement to get it ready for us to use once we moved in there. We intended to use our own furniture and set it up similar to our existing family room in our other a little slice of home in their basement...comfort...familiarity...a place to retreat and recline with our own things.
We've been prepping the kids for this...that our family room would be moved over there and it would be "just like our home," but in the basement. This helped during those days when Brooke would say "I miss our other home," or Brayden would mention "I liked our other home more; when are we going back?" Of course we know that home is where our family is, and we used these times as teachable moments for the kids, still validating their feelings. I know they feel the loss in their own way, and it isn't always verbalized clearly due to their young age. It hurts to know they do miss their other home...I do too. Darcy and I have really been looking forward to getting our furniture moved over to establish a familiar "home"for all of us here...Our own private sanctuary filled with our belongings, style and decor. All summer long as Darcy worked away, I envisioned where I would place our furniture, the kids toys, etc.

So, after loading up a moving truck, heading back to my in-laws, and breaking for a little dinner, the men began to unload our furniture. This is where our dilemma began...At one point, one of the guys asked me, "Amanda, would you be against leaving the sectional upstairs and putting your other couch (from our more formal living room) down in the basement?" I politely replied that this really was not an option. As mentioned before, I have envisioned this space for quite some time and wanted to recreate our own family room. It wasn't too long before I realized that we may have to move on to Plan B...our sectional would not fit downstairs. The guys struggled for quite some time, trying several attempts to maneuver this couch so that it would fit into the basement. It just was not happening.

I was disappointed as we moved onto Plan B, but that disappointment only grew as I soon discovered that our second couch would not fit downstairs either. I really couldn't believe it...None of our own furniture would fit down there! I so did not anticipate this happening. I know it is just a couch, but it was a small way of hanging onto familiarity and creating a space for our family that was completely ours. It just kinda seemed like par for the course...a bit defeating.

Of course I was so disappointed...but riding on disappointment's coattails was the thought that perhaps God is trying to teach me to look to Him for comfort. We were depending on this space to be our sanctuary. A place to retreat. A place of familiarity and comfort. I'm realizing we can't depend on things in this life for they are forever shifting and changing. I'm learning that while it's ok to find comfort in other "things," my first and ultimate source of comfort should be in Him. I know He gave me these words, these initial thoughts, reminding me of His promises and filling me with an immediate sense of peace with it all.

So, that's what we are doing...pressing on and leaning into Him.
Trusting that God, who is unchanging and unshifting, will provide greater comfort than any seat cushion and will be cozier than any couch.

"May your unfailing love be my comfort..."
Psalm 119:76


  1. Maybe your couch(es) can be used in the main floor family room. That way your "comforts of home" will be spread throughout the house.

  2. Aww, that stinks. I know you were looking forward to that comfort. Praying that you find it in Him!
    Love you!

  3. It is disappointing when something we very much looked forward to doesn't come to fruition. I hope you're able to find some other ways to have a bit of home with you.

  4. Ohhhh, so disappointing. I remember LONGING to lay on our couch & cuddle under our own blankets. We even considered moving one couch into our bedroom to recreate the sanctuary of our own space.

    I am so proud of you for choosing to trust God with this disappointment. For taking it to him instead of hiding it deep or allowing yourself to be defeated.

    Praying God will surprise you with a new way to create a special space for you family.
    much love to you xoxo